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Arthrimed Tablets

Arthrimed Tablets for Dogs

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Arthrimed Tablets for Dogs & Cats

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Arthrimed Tablets for Dogs

Arthrimed is a highly beneficial joint health supplement for dogs. This oral supplement aids in the maintenance of tendons and joint health. Moreover, it also alleviates the pain and reduces inflammation in joints due to various joint-related issues. The flavored tablets are very palatable thus, it is easily accepted by dogs. The tablets also prevent early signs of arthritis in dogs. Made with high-quality ingredients, Arthrimed effectively improves mobility and helps strengthen the joints in aging dogs. Daily administration of the supplement ensures healthy joints.


  • You can administer the tablet directly into the mouth or mix in the food.
  • Ensure the dog finishes the entire meal.
  • Once a day dosage is recommended.
  • Suitable for all sizes of dogs.


  • Small dogs: 2.2 - 22lbs (1-10kg) 1 tablet per day
  • Medium dogs: 22 - 44lbs (11-20kg) 2 tablets per day
  • Large dogs: 44 - 88lbs (21-40kg) 3 tablets per day

Giant dogs: above 88lbs (41+ kg) 4 tablets per day

Key Benefits

  • An ideal supplement for joint health
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Potent and natural ingredients help in improving the mobility
  • Easy to dose and highly palatable


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Made my dogs hips stop popping

German Shepards are known for their hip problems. I noticed that Hecky my dog's hips pop every time she squats down to go potty. I started using this product and it definitely helped to avoid those hefty vet bills.

It works

My dogs are able to walk longer distances and get up from a laying or seated position quicker! Not to mention jumping into and out of Rovers. It works and would definitely recommend

Joint care

best joint care supplement that really helps our FIDO to recover from mobility issue.


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