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Celebrate National Happy, Healthy Cat Month

  Sep 06, 2021

Celebrate National Happy, Healthy Cat Month

September is a National Happy, Healthy Cat Month! While we agree our feline friends should be kept happy and healthy all around the year, this is a good reminder to give your adorable cat some extra attention.

Here are some “to-do’s” for you to celebrate National Happy, Healthy Cat Month with them:


Give her nutritious food

Cats are obligate carnivores and so, they need a protein-rich diet. However, you may not have a hard time feeding your feline a nutritious meal as she loves to eat meat. Although, the nutritional needs of every cat are different, so it is best to ask for your vet’s opinion when it comes to making diet plans for her. Make sure you are feeding her a high-quality meal that's free of fillers, artificial colors, and additives, and that you're not overfeeding her.


Plan preventive vet visits

A healthy cat is always a happy cat! During this Happy, Healthy Cat Month, take your cat for a preventive vet visit and learn about routine pet-wellness from them. It is always better to prevent sickness, rather than treat it after it occurs. Moreover, our cats are masters of hiding their pain. So, only your vet can tell if something is wrong with her.


Buy Pet Health Insurance

Unexpected illnesses or accidents can befall our pets at any time, costing us big vet bills. Pet Health Insurance keeps you at peace of mind that these costs will be covered fully or partially. It can give you the assurance that your kitty will get appropriate and timely treatment without any compromise.


Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites are more likely to affect our felines, even if they stay indoors all the time. These critters aren’t just annoying, but they also transmit life-threatening diseases. Therefore, preventing these pests is always better and cheaper than treating them. Stock up on your preventive treatments if you want your cat to be happy and healthy. You can also check out OurPetWarehouse, as we are running huge discounts on preventive treatments.


Kitty-Proof Your House

Cats have a terrific curiosity and an insatiable desire to investigate everything. Look around your house for any high cupboards or shelves that need to be kitten-proofed, as your cats may easily climb up there and cause accidents. Also, secure all the cables, wires, and potentially harmful items like needles, threads, and rubber bands to avoid tragic results if they swallow these items or choke themselves.


Microchip your cats

As mentioned earlier, cats are very curious creatures and can slip out of open doors and windows easily. And, if they stray a little too far, they may go missing and never reunite with you. Sounds terrible, right? To avoid such unforeseen circumstances, get them micro-chipped and keep their ID tags updated as it will increase your chances of reuniting with your beloved cat.



We know you love your four-legged family members and you will always wish for a happy and healthy life for them. Therefore, during this Happy, Healthy Cat Month, give a little more attention to these things so that you can give her a purrfect life.

Celebrate National Happy, Healthy Cat Month

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Celebrate National Happy, Healthy Cat Month

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