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Dogs and Pregnancy Risks and Safety Tips

  Sep 30, 2020

Dogs and Pregnancy Risks and Safety Tips

We’re sure you love your furry baby more than anything! However, if you’re pregnant, you must be wondering whether it’s safe to be around your pet? We often get questions from pet parents asking whether having pets around during pregnancy can be harmful. Thus, we have written this blog to provide detailed information on how pets can affect your pregnancy and what precautions you need to take.

Risks during Human Pregnancy When You Have A Pet

Pets shower us with innumerable love and compassion, and having them during your pregnancy can help keep you happy. However, there are certain risks when it comes to having pets in the house when you’re pregnant. Keep on reading to find out what precautions are necessary in such cases.

Salmonella – Salmonella is a bacterial infection that is generally passed on via food which causes food poisoning. But, in a rare occurrence, it can also be transmitted by our pets. And salmonella is also capable of infecting the unborn baby of yours. This infection cause diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and stomach ache. Therefore, ensure your pet doesn’t have any disease.

Zoonotic Diseases – These are the infections that are passed onto humans by animals. Some parasites may transfer from animals to humans, therefore it’s imperative to keep a check on your pet’s health. Always remember to administer flea and tick treatments and other preventatives to your pet on a regular basis. This will ensure complete protection from parasites. Moreover, don’t forget the monthly vet visits!

Toxoplasmosis – This is a rare disease but still prevalent thus we had to include it in the list. It is caused by a parasite and while it’s not too dangerous, it can pose a severe health risk in pregnant women. The infection can be passed on to the baby as well and have known to cause miscarriage.

Pet Allergies – Are you allergic to your pet? Taking tablets or treatments for the same? Then ask your doctor once whether it’s safe to continue those pet allergy treatments when you get pregnant. They might recommend a safer alternative.

Above listed are major infections and diseases that can pose a risk to pregnant women. Now, we know you want to be near your pet during this beautiful journey, and trust us, you can! Just follow the points and take proper precautions –

  • Although it’s rare, avoid kissing your dog when you’re pregnant. You may never know which infection he’s carrying so it’s advised to not kiss dogs. If your pet has a habit of planting those lovely kisses, retrain him, and set clear boundaries. You can let him kiss your hand, which afterward you can easily wash it off.
  • If you’ve got a large and heavy dog, you better be careful around him. He needs to learn that it’s not okay to jump on you as it can harm the baby. So, teach him to be gentle with you as soon as you find out about the pregnancy.
  • In the last trimester, you will experience balancing issues and if you’ve got a small doggo, you might trip over them! While it’s rare, it can happen. So, ensure you know the whereabouts of your pet so as to keep yourself, your baby, and your furry baby safe.
  • After tending to your dog, always remember to wash your hands. Whether it’s grooming or giving him food, you need to follow this step to stay away from germs.

Now that we’ve got all this out of the way, let’s appreciate the presence of pets in our lives! Below are the benefits of having a pet companion during pregnancy –

  • Pets are observant and your furry companion will observe that you’re undergoing physical change. While he may not fully understand what’s happening, he will still look out for you and become protective.
  • Animals, especially dogs, can easily detect a shift in the mood. So if you’re feeling down, your furry pal will always be there by your side, providing unconditional love and support.
  • You are soon going to give birth to a baby and become a parent, but your pet has already prepared you for this! Having a pet comes with some responsibilities so you have already handled a fur baby. Therefore, this new journey with your baby will go by smoothly.
  • Lastly, you can rest assured that your pet and your baby are gonna be closest to friends. Pets are extremely gentle with kids and form the purest of bonds.

Well, pets are precious and will provide unconditional support to you throughout your pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, ensure you are following all the steps and taking proper precautions so you don’t have to face any problems. You’re going to be a parent and with your furry companion by your side, it’s going to be even more fun! Lastly, don’t forget to pay heed to your pet’s health. Get him the best dog supplies from Ourpetwarehouse and keep him protected from all the nasty parasites!

Dogs and Pregnancy Risks and Safety Tips

Dogs and Pregnancy Risks and Safety Tips

 Sep 30, 2020

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Dogs and Pregnancy Risks and Safety Tips

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