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Advantage - Cat Supplies

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Advantage for Cats

Advantage is specially designed to treat and prevent fleas on cats. The topical solution kills fleas within 24 hours of treatment and remains effective for up to four weeks. Advantage stops flea biting in 3-5 minutes and eliminates adult fleas before they lay eggs. It breaks flea life cycle and controls future infestations. Advantage is effective in eliminating fleas and flea larvae within 20 min of contact. Re-treatment may be necessary depending on the scale of the infestation but never treat your cat more frequently than once weekly. Advantage topical treatment is effective and safe for cats and kittens above 8 weeks of age.

How it Works?

Advantage for Cats is developed with a potent ingredient – Imidacloprid.  The active ingredient has a unique mode of action as it kills fleas through contact that implies the parasites do not have to bite your cat to be destroyed. It also kills flea larvae further controlling the spread of flea infestations. Advantage is easy to apply and waterproof treatment.


Good and effective

Topical is really good and highly effective.


Superb topical

The topical treats parasites. Superb Advantage.


Excellent spot on

Advantage spot on is really excellent. Love it.


Advantage is love

What a lovely treatment. Advantage, you rock.


What a powerful topical

Highly efficient topical. Makes life so easy.