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They have all the products neatly grouped. I don't have to browse a lot to find what I want to order. And the products are of good quality. The auto-order facility is very helpful when you are always running on a busy schedule and forget frequently to stock your fur baby's supplies.

Albert A. Feb 14, 2024

I was searching for a supplement for my pearl when I found OurPetWarehouse. It turned out to be the most useful website. Not just supplements, they carry all other essential products our fur babies need. Superb experience.

Peter R. Feb 08, 2024
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When they say our pet, they mean it. They care for our pets just like us. They have genuine products, always available at reasonable prices. And the delivery is also always on time, plus the superb customer service. It is my favorite place to shop for my pet.

Kirsten W. Feb 01, 2024

I found OurPetWarehouse last year and thought of trying it. Ever since I have started using this platform, I haven’t found the need to go anywhere else to get my pet’s products. They do not get out of stock, deliver on time and provide free shipping too. What more can I ask for!

Kate B. Jan 22, 2024

A very well-organized website. Searching the products I want is easy. I make regular purchases from here without a need to spending much time. It is the best platform to get pet products.

Gina W. Jan 17, 2024

Great customer service. My orders reach on time. And all the products are genuine. OurPetWarehouse is the best place to shop for our pets’ essentials.

Sean H. Jan 08, 2024

I came to know about OurPetWarehouse last year when we got Maggie. They carry all that my little furball needs. And the quality of services I receive is unquestionable. I order all my baby’s essentials from here, no need to go anywhere else.

Harper K. Jan 03, 2024

From health improving supplements to grooming products, and from parasite treatments to anxiety relievers, they have got everything. OurPetWarehouse is a one stop solution for all my pet’s requirements.

Lizzy M. Dec 18, 2023

The products are listed perfectly. It is so easy to navigate and place order for all my pet supplies. And the unbelievable discounts are icing on the cake. I buy regularly from OurPetWarehouse.

Regina V. Dec 13, 2023

I love the auto-order facility. With kids and a pooch in the house, I often stay busy and forget to stock my pet’s stuff. Using auto-order has made my life easier. I never miss any of her doses now.

Joanna B. Dec 05, 2023

I have got a farm and have many pets. This platform carries products for all of my pets- my dogs, horses and birdies. A one stop solution for all my pets’ needs.

Roger T. Nov 29, 2023

A well-structured and easy-to-navigate website. Ordering all my pet’s essentials is so easy. And the customer care is really very helpful. I have been buying from OurPetWarehouse for long.

Nathan P. Nov 21, 2023

Though I never had to utilize it, OutPetWarehouse has an easy return policy. But, I have always received orders on time. And there is no compromise on product quality. I have been purchasing from this place for a while now and I am completely satisfied with the services.

Jasmine H. Nov 16, 2023

It has a good collection of nutritious supplements that help me in enriching my baby’s diet. They always have the products that my vet suggests. I am not going to any other place for my pet’s purchases.

Natalie P. Nov 06, 2023

Timely delivery of quality products. And the customer care is so helpful. Ever since I have experienced the services of this website, I am not buying my pet’s stuff from anywhere else.

Alexis C. Nov 01, 2023

I always get good deals for my purchases. And it is not just the discounts, their products reach on time. Plus the customer care is so supportive. It is my preferred option for my pup’s requirements.

Jecinda D. Oct 24, 2023

I am always skeptical when it comes to my minnie’s safety while I am buying her essentials. But, OurPetWarehouse is carrying all genuine products, and at reasonable prices. Ever since I found this platform, I am not trying any other place for my baby’s needs.

Victoria N. Oct 18, 2023

A superb platform to get all products for my pet. The discounts really help me a lot in saving additional money I spend on my purchases. And the products are always of good quality.

Sandra B. Oct 11, 2023

What a broad range of products! They have treatments for parasitic infestations, supplements to support good pet health, and grooming and hygiene products too. It is a one-stop solution for my pet’s needs.

Meredith K. Oct 03, 2023

They offer products at great prices and the delivery is always on time. I am so glad to have found this website. No need to try any other place.

Lily W. Sep 27, 2023

While they guarantee refund in case of non-delivery, they make sure that you always receive your orders on time :). What a great place to get all my pet’s things at budget-friendly prices!

Melanie C. Sep 21, 2023

The unmatchable discounts and timely delivery that I get at OurPetWarehouse make sure that I do not have to try any other place for getting all that my pet requires. It is my one stop shop for my baby’s essentials.

Nikita P. Sep 14, 2023

The website says OurPet, and they actually believe in it. All products are authentic and they reach your place on time, without any damage. They care for our pets just the way we care. I trust it for all my furry pal’s needs.

Miranda L. Sep 07, 2023

It is a perfect place to get all the essentials of my furball. It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that I am no more planning to buy any of her requirements from any other platform.

Judith K. Aug 30, 2023

It is the easy returns that steals the show. I had a previous bad experience from other website and was reluctant to start buying from OurPetWarehouse. But, they actually considered my return request. And I happily bought another product immediately. I am so glad I found this place, it is a regular for me now.

Jonathan B. Aug 24, 2023

I love the best deals section. They really offer great price and carry broad range of products. I buy from OurPetWarehouse regularly now and save good bucks!

Victor K. Aug 17, 2023

Ever since I visited this website, I haven’t found need to go to any other place to get the products my pet requires. The products are really genuine and I receive the delivery on time.

Tanya B. Aug 10, 2023

What an amazing website! I am truly impressed by the services and the way their shipping services are organized. I mistakenly chose the wrong address for shipping my cats' treatments, and it was until my order had been shipped out for delivery, I realized what a big fuss was made. I needed those treatments urgently and called customer service immediately. (I had earlier had a similar experience at another website and the situation was handled quite rudely and I was told to pick it up from the old address. Neither did they help me update my address.) But OurPetWarehouse, to my surprise, immediately assisted me and shipped my order to my new house. It is very important that the company treats their customers as a priority and they never fail to do so. Since then I have always bought my pet care products from here. Not only do I get amazing discounts on all orders, but I also receive the orders within the next few days. I appreciate the assistance that I received from OurPetWarehouse. The website is top-notch and user-friendly!

Victoria R. Aug 04, 2023

OurPetWarehouse has all the answers to my pet care needs. I have three dogs and buying treatments for all of them is quite costly. Here, at OurPetWarehouse, I found discounts on all products and am genuinely impressed by their services. I lost my golden about a month ago and had forgotten to decrease the number of treatments for my dogs. During a conversation with one of the customer care assistants, I requested to decrease the number of products due to this incident. Not only did they refund the amount of the extra product, but they also sent me flowers for showing their condolences. They even suggested that I donate the product to an animal shelter, and I was truly happy with this gesture. I would give customer care a big 5-star for their cooperation and humanity. I would prefer OurPetWarehouse over any other website.

Daphne B. Jul 25, 2023

OurPetWarehouse is the best online website for buying pet products. I buy flea and tick treatments for my dog from here. I always come across great deals and offers. The website is user-friendly and their customer care is cooperative. I never had a negative experience with them. Once I ordered a wrong product and they refunded the total amount and asked me to donate the product to an animal shelter. I was genuinely delighted to see such a nice gesture. Being an animal lover, it means a lot to me. I would surely recommend OurPetwarehouse to other pet parents.

Jenna H. Jul 19, 2023

I have had a wonderful experience shopping here at OurPetWarehouse. The offers and prices were amazing! They give the best deals for pet care products. I am happy with the services and would surely buy again. The shipping was fast and the customer care is also cooperative when it comes to complaints and doubts. Thank you for your services and good quality products.

Laura P. Jul 11, 2023

Both my pets are doing well ever since I've tried their Bravecto. I'm thinking to buy it again from this store.

Peter M. Jun 30, 2023

This was my first time purchasing with OurPetWarehouse company and I must tell you that they're the best pet essentials company in terms of products, and services. I'm going to stick with them for a long time.

Roger M. Jun 26, 2023

I came to this place a couple of months ago as my doggo was flooded with fleas. When I used their Bravecto, I decided that I'll stick to this place. Great products and excellent customer service go with it.

Richard W. Jun 18, 2023

I have been purchasing my pet supplies from here for a long time. Their customer support system is excellent and they provide valuable assistance. Thank you for helping.

Winter W. Jun 08, 2023

I completely rely on ourpetwarehouse for purchasing my dog's monthly flea and tick treatments and grooming supplies. I love the fact that they provide great discounts all year long and I don't need to wait for any special offers. Sometimes their deliveries take a little long but I would still prefer to buy from here due to the discounted prices and excellent customer support!

Elina M. Apr 18, 2023

Great customer service and my orders are always delivered quickly as promised. Thank you for the amazing services our pet warehouse!

Serene K. Mar 24, 2023

I highly recommend this website as it has a really easy ordering process and the prices are reasonable too.

Jessica M. Mar 01, 2023

I always order Frontline for my pets from here. Although the shipping is delayed sometimes, it just works fine for me as there are no additional shipping charges and it is absolutely free. I will recommend our pet warehouse to everyone.

Michelle K. Feb 15, 2023

I used to spend hundreds of dollars on my pet's essentials until I found ourpetwarehouse. Their prices are very low compared to their counterparts and they offer free delivery. I am really happy to be able to save on my pet care bills every month by shopping from here.

Jane T. Feb 01, 2023

My experience shopping from here has been very satisfactory so far. I appreciate the low product pricing and helpful customer service. Just once I had issues with placing the order, but it was resolved as the customer service department placed one for me over a phone call.

Patrick T. Jan 17, 2023

Ourpetwarehouse is my go-to store for my dog Lily's essentials. I love that they always provide the best deals and offers and are 100% genuine suppliers.

Mason M. Jan 04, 2023

Great site to shop for your dogs. They offer flea and tick treatments and worm treatments at very fair prices. I totally love saving a few dollars by purchasing from here.

John M. Dec 14, 2022

Best price online, easy ordering process, and quality products. Love shopping from here!

Bella J. Nov 30, 2022

I am so pleased to have found a legit and trustable online store to buy for my dogs. I will always buy Bravecto for my dogs from here as well as some other stuff. Also, I have always noticed that the prices are reasonable here.

Kim J. Nov 21, 2022

Thank you for delivering my cat's essentials in a timely manner. My experience here has always been good and reliable.

Barbara T. Nov 02, 2022

Very happy with this website. They provide the best discounts and services.

Ann P. Oct 21, 2022

We have been ordering from ourpetwarehouse for a long time now. Their staff is always kind and helpful and the discounts they offer are always convincing. I am really thankful for this website!

Henry J. Oct 07, 2022

It's easy to order and receive. I love that my orders get placed or changed over one phone call.

Ellie K. Sep 29, 2022

I ordered 5 packs of Nexgard flea and tick chews at a very cheaper price. The customer support is also very helpful, they quickly resolved my doubt within a matter of seconds. I am really happy with their services. Keep up the great work.

Mason T. Sep 16, 2022

I ordered the wrong pack size of Nexgard yesterday, so had to call them. It was my first time calling them (as usually their services and email communication are perfect). The customer service is very courteous and helpful. They listened to my issue very patiently and it was resolved in a matter of minutes!

Micah K. Aug 26, 2022

This is an excellent store. I ordered flea and tick medicines for my dog Penny at discounted prices. I will recommend it to other friends and family.

John L. Aug 24, 2022

This is the perfect online store to shop for my dog Erik's flea treatments. Their prices are competitive, plus the free delivery is an add-on. I recommend this site.

Marie D. Aug 18, 2022

Ourpetwarehouse is an amazing website. The process of ordering is quite simple and we kinda love their customer service. The people over there are very patient and polite. Always have had a good experience shopping from here.

Fenny T. Jul 08, 2022

User-friendly, easy-to-navigate website. Products are very affordable.

Finley K. Jun 10, 2022

Best online store to shop for my feathery friend. The website is easy to use, delivery is prompt and prices are great. I would highly recommend shopping from here.

Shelly C. May 30, 2022

We were very much concerned about our Bruno's flea treatments, but at last, glad to find this store called our pet warehouse. They deliver affordable flea products on time.

Wilson M. May 23, 2022

Really impressed with the services offered by ourpetwarehouse. Placed my order 5 days ago and received it today in the morning. The items I bought for my dog are actually a little expensive but the rates here were affordable. Keep up the good service, a lot of pet moms depend on you!

Joanna L. May 10, 2022

Excellent store. I have always enjoyed shopping here, the order process is simple and they deliver my orders on time.

Tony K. Apr 12, 2022

Always best at their discounts and deliveries. I have 5 cats and have to shop monthly supplies for them. I always choose our pet warehouse since it is trustable!

Lorenzo K. Mar 22, 2022

Best shopping experience ever! The response time is very fast and so is their delivery time. I will always buy things from here only from now!

Mason L. Mar 03, 2022

5 STAR services. They always give great discounts and offers and I always get my orders on time.

J C. Feb 18, 2022

Got flea products for my dog at the best prices from here. I would say don't waste your time anywhere else if you are looking for a budget-friendly shop for your pet. Ourpetwarehouse is the perfect stop!

Jenny K. Feb 09, 2022

Best place to buy flea products for my English setter. I save at least half the money by shopping from our pet house, which is a great thing! Shopping for my dog is not stressful anymore since the ordering process is very easy. Sometimes I just call them and ask them to place the order and they do it happily!

Penny K. Jan 28, 2022

My shopping experience with our pet warehouse has always been fantastic. They always send my auto orders on time, and I'm almost worry-free when it comes to my dog's needs because I know this site will look after it!

Rick C. Jan 19, 2022

This is the best online pet supplies website I have ever shopped from. The customer service is very helpful and the prices are also low as compared to the other stores. Definitely will be buying again from here.

Rick T. Jan 03, 2022

Great website to shop for my cats. My feline family loves the products I order from here and I love the discounts they offer!

Reign W. Dec 29, 2021

I have been shopping from ourpetwarehouse for years now. The best part about it is easy ordering system and best-in-class customer support. They always pick up my calls quickly and guide me in the right direction whenever I am in doubt.

Miranda K. Dec 12, 2021

I have been ordering from here for two years and I am glad to testify that this is the best online store for pet parents. The offers, the shipping, the service everything is bang on. Thank you for everything.

Bernadette T. Dec 01, 2021

I ordered flea and tick products from here and received them timely. The customer support was also very polite and helpful. Will recommend it to others.

John D. Nov 18, 2021

This is a great place to buy pet supplies from! I always order flea and tick treatments and other pet care essentials from here at lower prices and free shipping!

Tony L. Nov 11, 2021

This is an amazing store to shop from. I always buy revolution from here and it helps me save big!

Dora K. Oct 25, 2021

Perfect store for us. We totally loved their fast delivery and quick customer care response. Will keep buying more.

Peter R. Sep 25, 2021

We have been ordering from here for years now. We love shopping from here because they always offer my cat's essentials at the lowest prices.

Bella B. Sep 13, 2021

Good prices, quick delivery and best services. I will highly recommend this store if you are looking for an affordable pet care store.

Penny R. Aug 30, 2021

Ourpetwarehouse is one of my favorite stores to shop for my dogs. It's a fantastic store that consistently exceeds my expectations every time I visit. T Their service is always on time, and in some cases, even ahead of schedule. Glad my friend suggested this to me.

Bella S. Aug 22, 2021

I have ordered many items from Our pet warehouse till now, and have faced no issues till date. The website is easy to use and the navigation is user friendly. Product availability is excellent and the offers are great. I couldn’t be any happier with this store. Thank you so much!

Tara M. Aug 15, 2021

What an amazing website! Navigation is smooth and easy, discounts are big and savings are high, customer support is friendly and courteous. Do I even need to say anything else? Our pet ware house is the best pets store in my opinion, highly recommended!

John . Aug 06, 2021

The best online shop to buy all of my Fido’s essentials. Loved it!!!

Melina A. Jul 29, 2021

Ourpetwarehouse always provides the best-branded pet supplies for my pets with huge discounts, but this time I saved even more with their Black friday Sale! I have already placed one order and will place one more next week so that I can store my pet's supplies

Tom L. Jul 24, 2021

I've been shopping fromOur Pet Warehouse for a year and have never had a problem or received a defective product. Many times when I called the helpline with a question about a product, their representatives were quite helpful. This is what we call a good store. I recommend this website to you in the same way that my father did.

Julia M. Jul 16, 2021

The only store that I trust for buying my birds' supplies. They always deliver my orders on time (or I would say before expected) and that makes my shopping experience great. They also keep running great offers so I always save a dollar or two while shopping from here.

Mason F. Jul 10, 2021

A fantastic pet store! Great customer support from selecting the right product to the delivery of order. Plus almost all the products are way cheaper than usual. would recommend them unreservedly.

York T. Jul 02, 2021

This is a wonderful store to shop for my pets. Great service, great prices and a good range of products. Will keep buying!

Peter K. Jun 26, 2021

Fantastic service. The team is really professional, and their communication is excellent. I've done a lot of shopping here and have never been disappointed. Thank you very much!

Alfred K. Jun 21, 2021

Our pet warehouse is incredible! I have always got stuff at cheaper rates and the products have always been delivered on time too. Love it!

Wren M. Jun 18, 2021

I had a really hard time finding a reliable online store for my pets' supplies until I found Our Pet Warehouse. It is not only reliable but a fantastic place to buy all the pet essentials at cheaper rates than the local stores or vets.

Ken R. Jun 10, 2021

Our pet warehouse is one of the best online stores that I have come across online. The discounts are awesome and so is their express delivery. Absolutely recommended!

Milli K. Jun 01, 2021

This store is such a savior! I had to go lengths to find a few treatments for my birds but now I am getting them at my doorstep that with free shipping and much lower rates!!!

Kyle T. May 10, 2021

A big shoutout to OURPETWAREHOUSE for such quick turnaround time and prompt services!

Neil S. May 05, 2021

The website is purrfect. Got all the necessary cat supplies I needed for my kitty. WIll buy from here again!

Bentley G. Apr 30, 2021

I used to buy most of my pet supplies from a local shop, but after my niece suggested this online store, I've only purchased from it! This platform is pretty simple to navigate for someone who isn't used to making purchases online.

Martha K. Apr 23, 2021

I've been buying from Our Pet Warehouse for a few months now and have never had any issues. This online shop is fantastic for me and my furry companion because of the hassle-free customer service and prompt deliveries.

Mayra S. Apr 16, 2021

I have never come across such an amazing online store that offers such whooping discounts and free shipping. Always gonna stick to purchasing from our pet warehouse.

Theodre M. Apr 09, 2021

I have 60 birds in my garden for whom I always buy products from this site. I can sure get it from local shops, but mind you, they are way too costlier than we get it from here. I will always continue to shop it from here!

John L. Apr 08, 2021

I must say that these guys are super awesome. I have been shopping from here for my dogs and birds for three years and have never faced any issue in the shipping and dellivery. Even once I did placed an incorrect order by mistake but these guys were super cooperative and attentive to fix it for me over one call. Thanks so much and all the best!

Joseph G. Apr 02, 2021

It's not easy to find a website that has all of the things you'll need to care of your pets. Fortunately, I find everything from OurPetWarehouse. We enjoy the stuff I buy from here, and that is what makes me the happiest. Thank you very much for all of your wonderful services and quick delivery, Best luck.

Madiney K. Mar 25, 2021

It is so difficult to find a few products that I use for my pet birds in my area. But thanks to this store that they provide it at my home, that too free of cost, that too at very low prices! This store has a great share of contribution in keeping my birds chirping!

Sarah M. Mar 05, 2021

Thank you guys for always coming up with great offers and discounts, and most importantly free shipping. I get products at low prices that too at my doorstep! What else can make a customer happy?

Cardi J. Feb 24, 2021

My experience with this online store has been super pawsome till now. We love shopping from here for my 3-year-old big gal-Lola (mix breed). Also thanks to all the members of OurPetWare house for always being so sweet and supportive whenever I’ve called regarding any queries.

Shasha K. Feb 13, 2021

I have been suggested this store by one of my husband’s friends. I am so glad I came to know about Our Pet Warehouse because I always get products at the lowest rates from here. I always prefer to check other stores though because then it makes me immensely happy that I am buying it at such amazing prices. Good luck you guys!

Polly B. Feb 08, 2021

In case of online shopping, I always prefer online stores that offer fast deliveries. I have tried 4-5 different stores for online pet products shopping but I can definitely say that Our Pet Warehouse offers the best services. My orders have always been delivered before I expected them to arrive. Kudos team Our Pet Warehouse!

Mike T. Jan 23, 2021

We have shopped from Our Pet warehouse for months and always find them pleasures to deal with all of my pet’s essentials. We live in an isolated area where there is no shopping unless you want to drive over 200 miles to the stores. It really doesn't matter because Our Pet warehouse can deliver all the stuff we want or need for our pets.

Rachael W. Jan 10, 2021

Telling you seriously, I am shopping from for a year and never ever got into any hassle or wrong product delivered. I many times when having confusion regarding a product call to the helpline and it was very generously cleared by their CSR's. This is what we call a good business. Recommend this website to you the same way my dad recommended it to me.

James T. Jan 08, 2021

Our Pet warehouse is truly an amazing site for pet product shopping! I am using this site for the past few months and never got disappointed finding essential products for my Furbaby. Thanks for keeping it so well-maintained, and easy-to-use. Keep it up!

Audrey B. Jan 06, 2021

Thank you, for the amazing products, it always helps me to keep my Fur baby healthy and happy.

William C. Dec 29, 2020

Amazing Service And Awesome Staff. First Time ordered from Our Pet Warehouse. and I was amazed of the delivery is as well as FREE shipping service. Will buy again soon

Cindy W. Dec 15, 2020

Got to know about Our pet warehouse from my friend with a family of four huskies and a feral cat. She showed me how good quality products are and that too at such low prices. Got on the online store and amazed find all my pet's requirements here and that too at unbelievable prices. Ordered a few for my doll.

Seo M. Nov 29, 2020

Excellent service, quality products and best prices. would buy here again

Hewitt N. Nov 24, 2020

Thank you for being the best store for my doll's needs! I share your company name with my friends and neighbors with dogs. Are prices are great. I now make sure that Shally gets her monthly treatment.

Kernke D. Oct 29, 2020

The service was out of this world! Repeat customer for sure!!!! Straight after we purchased our dog flea treatment, we got a follow up email saying it'll come to our house 5-7 business days... we got it just a four day later. Amazing. And the price is unbelievable!

Phan B. Oct 20, 2020

User friendly website, good customer service and speedy delivery service. Expected a long wait due to Covid19 postal delays, not so, items arrived within five days. Thanks

Betty H. Oct 12, 2020

Impressive with their service. Reliable delivery and easy ordering system. I usually place orders on call as it is easier for me. Delighted to have received my item on time! Can't wait to treat my dogs, would recommended.

Pichao P. Sep 24, 2020

Happy shopping here. Would just like to say Thankyou for a great service :-) Keep the work guys!!!

Jacqueline R. Sep 15, 2020

I heard about Our Pet Warehouse deals from a friend and was very pleased with the price and excellent customer service.

Keith M. Sep 07, 2020

Best services, best customer service staff, quality products and great deals. And, my auto order is never missed..what more i can ask for!

Clifton R. Aug 25, 2020

Great products, best for my pets, satisfied with the customer service. Highest recommendation I’m very happy Thank you thank you

Clay W. Aug 13, 2020

I very much enjoy shopping here as can see the great deals, with free shipping facility. And I get enough products for my size dog - a brown Spaniel. Would recommend

Garry W. Aug 07, 2020

Even during Covid 19 and lock down I was updated. Peter kept me up to date on the whereabouts of my order. Even when I was uncertain I would just pop him an email and receive a friendly response reassuring me.

Dawson D. Jul 29, 2020

Thank you so much for your prompt response! I completely understand the dificult times fwe are all facing right now!! Thank you for all you guys are doing!

William M. Jul 10, 2020

This is the very first time I shopped from here and overall it was a good experience. On-time delivery and affordable pricing.

Liam G. Jun 25, 2020

Overall very happy with your products and service. Thank you .

Shirley S. Jun 24, 2020

Is the most trusted online store for most of our pet essentials I need for my three fur kids. best prices and excellent customer care services.

Dawson E. Jun 02, 2020

Excellent products, delivery updates received regularly during this unprecedented time, good customer service

Sonya M. May 22, 2020

Aweee. That's really great. They follow this zero contact delivery. The company is really into something great to offer in such difficult times. Keep up the good work

George G. May 10, 2020

Good quality products with reasonable price. Very fast delivery (though presently it is taking time due to lock down) and great communication.they pack and sent my order very fast and get me notified all the time.

Tyler K. Apr 29, 2020

In all my purchases over time, I've never had a problem here. Plus they have competitive prices and purchasers are posted in a timely manner though currently facing late deliverable.

Brady K. Apr 16, 2020

My orders are taking little longer since the current situation, but appreciate them as they still are able to send me my orders.

Sherry K. Apr 10, 2020

Even during Covid-19 situation, the people at Ourpetwarehouse are trying to fill our orders to save our furry friends. Really appreciate the act.

Mozar K. Mar 28, 2020

I own pugs. So you know I take this seriously. Our Pet Warehouse is good store I know. They do all their job and most of mine too in making decisions about the right pet product at the right time for my pugs. Again today they helped with my order. I like their services the most.

Neal D. Mar 19, 2020

No more hidden charges, they provide free shipping and I am really happy with their services.

Anita F. Mar 08, 2020

Fast post, cheap pricing and great customer service. Can’t go wrong with these guys! Keep up the good work

Brittan B. Feb 25, 2020

Buying for the first time and I'm really happy with overall experience. would recommend.

Mel R. Feb 16, 2020

Good prices on cat stuff. Seresto for cats is cheap.

Williamson W. Jan 26, 2020

I highly recommend this online site to customer finding quality and affordable products in any kinds for their fur friends.

Molly M. Jan 09, 2020

Would really appreciate the customer service as they helped me to return the product and delivered the other one in right time. Recommend this store and would surely come back again.

Molly K. Oct 10, 2019

One of the best pet care stores I have ever come across. I recently shopped from this site and really liked the quality of the products as well as the packaging. I am certainly looking forward to shopping from here more often. The great site indeed!

Riley T. Oct 07, 2019

I made my first order from OurPetWarehouse some time ago and just received it so decided to leave feedback. The products seem to be of good quality as I’ve been using the treatments on my dog for about a week and it seems to be working. So far, I can see positive results and there are no side effects present.

Lydia D. Sep 22, 2019

I was searching for a website that serves many categories and options for flea and tick treatments. Finally, I found this online store that not only has a variety of products but is also way affordable as compared to other sites.

April C. Sep 21, 2019

This was the first time I purchased products from here and I have been very impressed. The customer services, prices, range of products, and quick delivery have all been exemplary. Love this pet store!

Gordon W. Sep 14, 2019