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Schedule your order now and get up to 20% discount* on your next order.

At OurPetWarehouse, we offer Auto Order program to help our customers save time and money. With our Auto Order system

  • You place the order

  • Schedule auto delivery at checkout

  • Get additional discount on next order &

  • Receive hassle free delivery

Signing up for the Auto Order program will ensure that you will get a discount (whether or not there is any discount or sale offer on our site). Secondly, you will never run out of pet supplies and your pet won’t miss any treatments as the automatic schedule will ensure regular delivery of pet supplies.

At OurPetWarehouse, we offer a simple and efficient auto order system which allows you to customize the delivery schedule, change or update the products, change or update the shipping address, or even cancel the auto order anytime before the order is shipped.

What is an Auto Order?

Auto Order is a simple program that allows you to set a delivery schedule for your pet supplies, based on your pets’ needs. All you have to do is let us know what you need and when you need it and we will take care of the rest. However, these instructions can be changed or the order cancelled, any time your needs or circumstances change.

How to access and use the auto order option?

At OurPetWarehouse, it is easy to access and use the auto order system. You just need to select the required auto order frequency for the products in your cart and checkout as normal.

How does our Auto Order program work?
  1. You select the Auto Order option while placing the initial order.

  2. You receive an order confirmation email along with the auto order details.

  3. Before your auto delivery, you receive a reminder email for shipment.

  4. At this time, you can add, change or update products or shipping address or frequency of delivery.

  5. After this, your order will be shipped to your shipping address.

  6. You will receive the order right at your doorstep without any stress.

How will I be charged for the auto order bill?

You will be billed for your pet products when your order is ready for shipment and the payment will be processed as per your original mode of payment. You will be notified about your upcoming auto order through a reminder email 7 days prior to shipment. If you want any changes in the order, contact us immediately on our toll free number 1-800-986-6350 ,MON TO SAT, 9 AM TO 6 PM or send us an urgent email at

How can I cancel my auto order?

Yes, you can cancel your auto order anytime. For cancellation, please email us at or call us at MON TO SAT, 9 AM TO 6 PM and our customer care executive will help with your auto order cancellation.

How can I change or update a scheduled delivery?

If you want to change the frequency, update the quantity, add a product or skip the order of any products in your account, please call us toll free number immediately at 1-800-986-6350 or email us at

Please note that once the order is dispatched for shipment, we will not be able to change or cancel the order.

Schedule & Save on pet supplies automated deliveries with our Auto Order Program

Disclaimer reserves the right to change or cancel discount offers at any time of Auto Order or stop the Auto Order without any prior notice. By continuing with our Auto Order process, you agree to the prices and discounts offered by OurPe tWarehouse.