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Vet Recommended Medistatin Best Formulation for Candida in Birds

  Jun 18, 2020

Vet Recommended Medistatin Best Formulation for Candida in Birds

Quite common in birds that do not belong to the parrot family, Candida is quite an infectious disease caused by yeast and occurs mostly in young birds, especially cockatiels. Moreover, it has been noted that this yeast infection is also frequent in birds with suppressed immune systems.

What is Candida?

Candida is a yeast infection caused due to a type of yeast Candida albicans that is commonly present in low volume in the digestive tract of birds. When this number is triggered due to its increase or disruption in the digestive system, Candida can cause a problem. The infection not only hampers the digestive system but also affects organs like a beak and the respiratory system. More commonly, it can even infect the feathers, skin, eyes, and reproductive tract.

Thus, it becomes essential to treat the infection as it can be dreadful to birds leading to numerous health complications.

Treatment for Candida

The most common and highly effective treatment for Candida is Medistatin. The vet recommended oral treatment – Medistatin is designed to treat and control yeast infections in birds.

What is Medistatin?

One of the most effective bird treatments, Medistatin is especially recommended for the treatment of and prevention of candida in birds and pigeons. Developed with potent ingredients, this special formula is highly effective in treating fungal infections in chicks, cage birds, and pigeons. Medistatin is also beneficial in treating yeast infections which is quite common among the birds, especially during the breeding season.

The bird formulation is designed and made in such a way that it is easy to administer even to baby birds just by hand-feeding it. Loaded with numerous benefits, Medistatin ensures the quick recuperation of the birds after the recovery from Candida infection.

How Does it Work?

Medistation is developed with a potent ingredient, technically known as, Nystatin. This active ingredient is an anti-fungal agent that works again candida organisms.

How to Use It?

Looking at the granules of Medistatin, it is quite obvious that it is either mixed with feed or dissolved in water for its proper administration.

Let us find here the actual dose that a bird parent has to know while treating their flock.

For Pigeons and Caged Birds

Add 5gm. with 1 kg of grain for 5 to 7 days.

Grains need to be lightly coated with oil to allow Medistatin to adhere to the grain.


Mix 5g with 500g of seed or soft food for 5-7 days. Also, the seeds need to be lightly oiled to allow Medistatin to adhere to the seed.

Hand Reared Chicks

For Prevention:

If you are looking for prevention measures then it is crucial to treat them regularly.

For dosage, you can mix 1g per 200g of soft food daily for as long as symptoms prevail.

For Treatment:

When it comes to treating Candida in your coop, it is better to note these measures. You need to mix 1g per 20ml water, shake well, and dose 1ml of mixture per 100g body weight twice daily.

Major Benefits – What are the Takeaways for Bird Parents

  • Highly effective in treating and controlling candida disease in birds and pigeons
  • Quite feasible when it comes to treating baby birds
  • Helps birds to recuperate faster
  • Treats fungal and yeast infections
  • Affordable treatment


Candida can always be prevented before it negatively influences the health of your birds. Considering a few things you can promisingly avoid this condition. By keeping your bird's environment clean and providing proper nutrient food, reducing and eliminating any causes of stress, and further preventing any contact with any sick bird, the risk of yeast infection Candida can be greatly decreased. Furthermore, Medistatin is also an effective way in the prevention and treatment of Candida in birds.

Vet Recommended Medistatin Best Formulation for Candida in Birds

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Vet Recommended Medistatin Best Formulation for Candida in Birds

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