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6 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

  Jun 04, 2020

6 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

If you are a proud cat parent, then this blog is just for you. As most of the cat parents must be knowing, National Hug Your Cat Day is just around the corner (June 4th every year). And we at OurPetWarehouse believe that each and every cat parent around the world should take part in this special occasion. Because why not? Your cat has been with you through thick and thin and apart from love and affection, he deserves a nice big hug. What better occasion than on National Hug Your Cat Day!

In this blog, we will be revealing 6 pawsome ways in which you can make the best use of this National Hug Your Cat Day. So without any more delays let us get straight into it.

6 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day With Your Cat

As mentioned earlier, June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day and celebrating this particular day can mean the world to your cat. Below are 6 ways in which you can celebrate this special day with your cat. You could any of them, but we suggest you do them all.

1. Hugging Selfie

We all love taking selfies with our beloved furry pals, don’t we? National Hug Your Cat Day is the ideal time to take selfies with your cute feline, but remember to hug your buddy while doing so. Also, by posting pictures of hugging your cat on social media helps in spreading awareness among the general public.

2. Treat Him Right

Celebrations are incomplete without food, right? Well, on National Hug Your Cat Day, we suggest treating your feline friend with some of the tastiest cat treats that are available. You could also go the extra mile and instead of purchasing treats, bake some of the most delicious cat treats at home. There are tons and tons of cat treat recipes on the internet, nowadays.

3. Get A New Toy

To make the day special for your buddy, try gifting him a new toy. Perhaps getting him his favorite toy would be the best gift you could give him on such a special occasion. Cats love their interactive toys, and we are sure your cat too will love his brand new toy.

4. Side Aside Some Snuggle Time

Remember, its all about the hug. So, make sure you are setting aside some time for some snuggles. Snuggling with your furry friend can be great for the both of you. It eases the mind and relieves you from stress and anxiety. It does the same for your pal too. Consider snuggling every once in a while, maybe?

5. Organize A Kitty Party

Kitty parties are a great way for your cat to socialize with other cats. Organizing a kitty party on National Hug Your Cat Day is a great way to show your neighbors how awesome of a pet parent you are. Make sure to invite as many cat parents as you can. And oh, do not forget to get a group hug in there once the party gets rolling.

6. Donate At A Nearby Shelter

If you happen to live near a shelter home, then help the less fortunate cats in whatever little way you can. Donate as much as you can so that they too can have an enjoyable time on occasions such as the National Hug Your Cat Day.

These 6 Pawsome ways should get you through the National Hug Your Cat Day. We hope you will be following some (if not, all) of these ways. Hug it out, and as always, stay safe, and keep your beloved pets safe too.

6 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

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6 Pawsome Ways To Celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day

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