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National Cat Health Month

  Jan 25, 2020

National Cat Health Month

Since February is dedicated to National Cat Health Month, it is the perfect opportunity for spreading awareness and paying more attention to your pet’s health. Though cats may seem resilient, they do require timely care and attention. They are tad bit dramatic so they may seem like they don’t care, but deep down, they crave for your attention. Therefore, it’s vital to pay heed to your cat’s health. On this national cat health month, we have compiled a list of things pet parents need to pay attention to when it comes to the health of their pets.

Protection from Parasites

First and foremost step in maintaining the health of your cat is to protect her from annoying critters such as fleas and ticks and other insects. These parasites latch onto your kitty and seep in the bloodstream, causing many health issues. Moreover, if the cat is not treated on time, this can further lead to flea and tick-borne diseases that could prove to be fatal as well. For complete protection from fleas and ticks and chewing lice, Frontline Plus for Cats is an ideal product. It works against all stages of fleas and prevents further infestation. Moreover, it reduces the symptoms of flea allergy dermatitis and eradicates ticks that could cause Lyme disease.

Cats suffer a lot when infested with fleas; scratching all over their body, becoming restless and damage to their immune system. Thus, veterinarians advise pet parents to administer flea and tick preventatives all year round for complete protection.

Healthy Gut Happy Kitty

A cat will feel energetic and confident when she’s healthy from inside out. Any disturbance in the digestive tract could lead to a change in the behavior of the cat. Therefore, always give healthy and digestible pet food to your cat so she doesn’t suffer from any issues. Besides, if you’re still concerned about your beloved kitty, you can administer Protexin Pro-Kolin+ for Cats which soothes the cat’s gut lining and aids in firming up the stool. It has a beef flavor thus easy accepted by pets.

Skin and Coat Care

Skin and coat care are highly essential for any pet as you want your kitty to always look and feel her best in her skin. You can get Essential 6 for her which hydrates the cat’s coat prevents hair loss, dryness, bad odor and an oily coat. The treatment consists of essential nutrients which keep the skin and coat healthy. Moreover, for regular grooming, Frontline has launched Frontline Pet Care Skin Care range which offers shampoos for cats having a different kind of coats.

Joint Health

Cats are wild creatures and they love nothing more than moving and jumping around the house. This is only possible when your cat is physically strong. Joint and muscle pain can occur due to many reasons; wear and tear, ageing, accidents, genetics, etc. To prevent joint pain and arthritis in cats, we suggest giving supplements to your cat.

Joint care products and supplements such as Joint Guard for Cats and Seaflex Joint Function for Cats help in strengthening the cartilages and restores damaged joints. Moreover, it also reduces the symptoms of arthritis in cats. These supplements are highly recommended for cats who face joint pain issues and are hyperactive.

Oral Health

Just like humans, cats also need dental care. You don’t want your kitty to get gingivitis just because you forgot to brush her teeth. So, from now on, ensure you regularly brush your cat’s teeth. Pet Dent offers a wide range of dental care products for cats such as Pet Dent Oral Rinse, Pet Dent Toothpaste and Pet Dent Dental Kit for Cats at affordable prices. 


Eye and Ear Care

When talking about overall health, let’s not forget the eyes and ears of your beloved kitty. Keeping eyes and ears can prevent many infections and save the cat from suffering. Thus, ensure you stock up on eye and ear care products for your cat’s well being.

Mental Health

The mental health of the pet should be the first and foremost priority of every pet parent. You can function properly only if you are physically and mentally healthy and same goes for pets. Anxiety, nervousness, depression can potentially damage the lifestyle. Therefore, pet parents must be vigilant when it comes to detecting any unusual behavior in their pets.

Some pets have social anxiety, while some are scared of fireworks and loud noises. To keep the pets calm during stressful situations, products such as Feline Anxiety Relief and Travel Anxiety can be used. The products are developed using pheromones which provides a sense of calmness in the pet and soothes them.

This national cat health month, let’s take a step toward improving the overall health of cats so that we can spend more time with these witty as well as adorable creatures!

National Cat Health Month

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