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CleanEar for Dogs (30 Ml)

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CleanEar Solution for Dogs and Cats

CleanEar is an advanced and organic ear cleansing solution designed specifically for both cats and dogs. This wonderful solution assists in thoroughly removing excess wax, debris, and dirt without affecting the sensitive ear canals. It lowers the pH levels of the ears and helps keep it dry and free from any odors. Known as a highly effective ear cleanser, CleanEar Solution is widely recommended by vets all over. Furthermore, these drops are very safe to use on both dogs and cats.


  • Shake the solution thoroughly before using.
  • Remove the cap and invert the bottle.
  • Pour a few drops into the pet’s ear canals.
  • Massage the ear lobes so that the solution can spread inside.
  • Wipe the excessive solution with the use of a piece of cloth or cotton ball.
  • Repeat as and when needed or as directed by your vet.
  • For more assistance, refer to the product label attached with the product.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced and organic ear cleanser
  • Ear solution for both cats and dogs
  • Removes debris, dirt, and wax efficiently
  • Helps keep ears dry and odor-free
  • Vet recommended ear solution
  • Suitable for both dogs and cats

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Organic acids, Propylene glycol, and Docusate suspended in an aqueous base

No more debris

Quick cleaner, no more extra wax and debris for my pet.

clean ears

we have got the best ear cleaners here.

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Got this product during a discount offer so it was comparatively cheaper! And works very well too.