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Coximed for Pigeons (100 Tablets) (1 Pack)

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Coximed for Birds

Coximed is an excellent bird treatment, which treats Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. Only a single dose is sufficient to cure almost 98% cases in pigeons. The treatment has twice the strength and is very cost effective compared to other products. Moreover, it also assists in swift recuperation of sick pigeons and therefore, stops the infection from spreading. The active ingredient present in Coximed is Diclazuril, which fights infection in pigeons thus, restoring their health. It is safe to use on young birds after weaning. Veterinarians suggest that the treatment should be administered to pigeons during the breeding season. Maintaining proper hygiene will prevent re-infestation of the disease.


For Racing Pigeons

  • Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the racing season.

For Breeding Pigeons

  • Dose one tablet per pigeon once a month during the breeding season.

For Young Pigeons

  • Dose all young pigeons with one tablet the day after weaning.

For Sick Pigeons

  • Dose all sick pigeons with one tablet, and treatment after 10 days.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively treats Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors
  • Active ingredient combats infection in pigeons
  • Maintains overall well-being
  • Helps in fast recovery and controls infection from spreading
  • Prevents re-infestations


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Birds love

Birds love this stuff and NO concerns about reinfections

trusted name

Bought for my father's racing pigeons, a trusted name as he has many bird products.

effective treatment

Received the order before ETA and it seems to be very well! I'd say this product is a winner!