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DAP (Adaptil) Collar

DAP (Adaptil) Collar for Dogs

Starting at Only: $34.91

DAP (Adaptil) Collar Pup/Small Dog

Pack Size
37.5 Cms

DAP (Adaptil) Collar Med/Large Dog

Pack Size
62.5 Cms
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DAP Behavioral Collar for Dogs

DAP Collar is a beautifully crafted collar for dogs and puppies of all kinds. This unique collar aids in controlling and preventing all kinds of fears such as during stressful situations like parties and get-togethers, car traveling, moving into a new home, fireworks and thunderstorms, etc. Moreover, this collar comes in two sizes. One comes in 15 inches and the other in 25 inches. Furthermore, these behavioral collars are very safe for all dog breeds and its efficacy last for up to 4 weeks.


  • Based on the size of your dog, pick the appropriate collar.
  • Collar must be fastened around the dog’s neck.
  • Ensure you leave a minimum of two fingers gap between the collar and the dog’s neck.
  • Trim off the excess collar strip, if any.
  • Efficacy last for 4 weeks, so make sure you repeat process after that time period or do as directed by your vet.

Key Benefits

  • Behavioral collar made specifically for dogs
  • Controls and prevents dogs from stressing during stressful situations
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Easy to fit and use collars
  • Efficacy lasts for 4 weeks
  • Safe for use on all kinds of dog breeds


More Info


Analogue of dog appeasing pheromone

best stress-relief collar

it keeps her well behaved and cool. would recommedn

happy dog

during this unprecedented time, the collar is helping us in keeping our dog happy whole day;

good time

after getting this for our Pug, we are having a good time with him.