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DIY Dog House Ideas for your beloved pooch

  Jul 13, 2021

DIY Dog House Ideas for your beloved pooch

Looking for simple DIY dog house ideas for your paw-buddy? Here are some easy-to-follow DIY dog house ideas that will ensure that you can construct a cozy, secure and lovely home for your dog. A good house will protect your dog from bad weather and any potential threat.

Also, handmade things are always more precious. So, instead of buying pre-made ones directly from the store, consider making a DIY dog house for your beloved pooch. By doing so, you can have artistic control over the execution of the plan, save a few dollars, and feel a wonderful sense of pride when your dog finally settles into its new home.

Put the scrap cardboard to good use

If you want to make a unique home for your dog but don't have much experience working with wood, you can always repurpose scrap cardboard sheets or boxes. Take a few cardboard boxes, put them together with tapes, and glue according to your preference (and of course, his!). You can embellish the same with some colorful metallic paper or craft paper. Or, if you want to add more fun to the making of your dog's house or want your children to participate in this project, you can consider painting it once it is done. However, since this sort of dog house is not waterproof, it should be kept indoors or under the shade in the backyard.

The wood-The best material for building a doghouse

Most of the dog houses we see are made from wood as they are strong and durable. Building a dog house from wood isn't rocket science. You can build a simple one-room dog house or you can also build a three-tier royal palace for your pooch. You just need to learn some basics, acquire the things you'll need and you are good to go. There are video tutorials and guides about such DIY dog houses that can guide you step-by-step. Just make sure to take precise measurements according to the size of your dog. Also, don't leave any screws or fixtures open that can harm your dog.

Using old pieces of furniture

Not only will you enjoy making this Do it Yourself dog house, but also it'll be a good way of returning some love back. The easiest way to build a brand new dog house without much effort is by repurposing the old furniture. This way, you can reuse the old furniture and you won't need to build it from the scratch. Grab those old chairs, desks or dressing tables and repurpose them using your creativity. You can paint these pieces according to the theme of your house or as such that it uplifts the overall aesthetics of your space.

Options are limitless

When it is about creating something for your furry friend, the sky's the limit. If you want to do something unique and out of the box, you can kit out various ways. You can make a dog house using fabrics or tents, plastic storage containers, and tents. Or, you can simply use unused spaces in your house, like under the staircase or the dining table, where your buddy can stay comfortably.

A dog house is a home away from home for your furry friend, so ensure that it is not just elegant and spacious but also comfortable and cozy. Tell us how are you planning to build one?

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DIY Dog House Ideas for your beloved pooch

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DIY Dog House Ideas for your beloved pooch

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