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Easy Tips for Training Your Dogs

  Jan 08, 2020

Easy Tips for Training Your Dogs

To have a healthy relationship between you and your dog, you need to teach your furry companion the basics of obedience and commands. Whether you’re getting a puppy or a grown-up dog, he needs to know his limits and boundaries from day one. By doing so, you are inculcating a habit of obeying, which will later help you in keeping your dog safe. A well-behaved dog knows how to behave in different situations, and the training also helps in keeping his behavior around other people in check.

Dogs tend to wander off when left unattended. A trained dog would know that he is not supposed to get out of the house even when the door is open. Moreover, some dogs turn aggressive and chew off carpets and furniture, so preventing such actions is also crucial. To make pet parenting easier, here are some easy tips on training your dog.

Basic Training and Commands for Dogs

Sit – After ensuring you have your dog’s attention, get a small piece of nice smelling treat in your hand. Then hold the treat at the back of the dog’s head so he can lower his bottom to the ground. Thereafter, simply say “sit,” and the dog will obey. Reward your pup with that treat after he follows the command.

Stay –This command is highly essential as by telling your pet to stay in the same place, you are protecting him from dangerous animals as well as accidents. Initiate the training when the dog is sitting, then show him an open-palm and command “stay.” After few sessions, start increasing the space between you and your dog till he learns to listen to you even from a distance.

Come – This is very simple! Just put a leash on the dog’s collar, retrieve a few steps, and get down on your knees so that you’re on eye level with your pal. Then gently pull on the leash while saying “come” in an excited manner.

Heel –Making your dog learn to follow the ‘heel’ command will ensure that he follows your steps wherever you go. Put him on a leash and at your knee level, and then start walking while giving the command. This will teach him to walk along with you, not ahead or behind.

Down –This is one of the toughest commands for pet parents. Make your dog sit down and show him which treat you’re holding. Then, lover the treat onto the floor surface while keep moving further away. When the dog gets into the down position, reward him with the treat!

Leave it – Leave it command helps you to have control over your furry pal. Though it is not always needed, making the dog learn this command comes in handy when you don’t want your dog to go near or eat something. Take two treats; one that tastes fine and one treat that tastes delicious. Then, place each treat in your hand and make the fist. First, put your hand forward, which has the regular treat and let the pet sniff it. Thereafter, command him to leave that treat. This will strengthen his self control on things. Lastly, offer the hand with that tasty treat, repeat the command, and reward your pooch if he obeys you!

Things to Consider During Dog Training

  • Whenever you train your dog, always reward him with treats or toys upon following the commands.
  • Try not to get aggressive during training; the dog is a part of your family, so handle him the way you would your child.
  • If your dog does something wrong, don’t shout at him. Instead, don’t pay attention to him while he does it so he gets the point.
  • Make the training session fun by adding interactive games to it.
  • There are plenty of ways to train a dog, though positive training is the best option.

Whether it’s a habit or lifestyle, everything takes time and practice. So, give your furry pal some space and time for him to come in terms with the new way of living.

Easy Tips for Training Your Dogs

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Easy Tips for Training Your Dogs

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