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Pet Safety Tips To Implement This Summer

  Aug 09, 2021

Pet Safety Tips To Implement This Summer

Summer is upon us, and we’ re pretty sure all of you out there are pretty stoked about this season. While this so-called “fun in the sun” season brings great joy and happiness, it also comes with a few hazards, especially for your beloved pets. Thus, to ensure your summer is fun and hazard-free for both you and your pets, it is imperative to implement some pet safety tips. Through this blog, we will give you some valuable pet safety summer tips that might be very useful for you. So without much delay, let’s get straight into it, shall we?

Pet Safety Tips For The Summer Season

We’ve compiled a few essential tips for you. This will help keep your pet safe and out of danger during the summer months. So let’s look at these tips, one by one.

#1. Provide Fresh Drinking Water At All Times

This goes without saying, but pet parents must always provide fresh and clean drinking water to their pets. Also, make sure you are changing their bowl of water every 6 to 8 hours. It’s imperative to make the change because still water left untouched for several hours is likely to get contaminated with germs. So be careful and make sure you keep changing the bowl of water frequently.

#2. Do Not Leave Your Pets In The Car

Be it a small errand or anything, if you decide to take your pet along with you, make sure you do not leave them behind in the car (especially during the daytime). Summers are generally very hot and sultry, and leaving your buddy in the hot car can make your pet’s temperature rise rapidly. And due to this, it can cause a stroke and/or other health hazards. Ensure you take your buddy along with you, wherever you go. Do not leave them behind in the car.

#3. Keep Them Away During BBQ Day

Summers are all about having a BBQ day with your friends and family. While this is really amazing as it helps you relax and spend time with your family, these can be harmful to your pet. BBQs and drinks; all of this is harmful to your pet. So make sure you are watching over them while you’re having a gala time. Keep them away from the BBQ and drinks. And while you’re having your party, you can always cook up some healthy treats beforehand and give them to your buddy while the party’s on.

#4. Daily Check For Fleas And Ticks

The peak season for fleas and ticks is, of course, the summer season. Thus, it is essential for you to keep an eye on your buddy so that they do not succumb to the dreaded infestation. Thus, during the summer months, it is advised to do a regular check for fleas and ticks. Just run your fingers through your buddy’s fur and see if you spot anything unusual. If yes, then you fear the worst. But there’s nothing to worry about. Put your buddy on a tick and flea preventative, if you can. Check OurPetWarehouse if you are looking for cheap and best flea and tick treatments for dogs and cats.

#5. Sunburns For Pets Are A Thing, So Beware

Yes, pets can get a sunburn and it can be pretty bad, especially for white-colored dogs. Thus, whenever you step out with your pet on a white-colored hot day, make sure you put sunscreen on their fur. PetScreen is an effective product you can opt for, in this regard.

These are a few summer pet safety tips we recommend every pet parent must implement. Keep your pets safe and out of harm’s way, and enjoy a fun-filled summer season.

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Pet Safety Tips To Implement This Summer

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Pet Safety Tips To Implement This Summer

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