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5 Popular Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

  Apr 07, 2023

5 Popular Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Fleas and ticks are a year-around problem and there are no specific routes that your canine can catch these infections. These pests find their way to your home, and in no time, make it their own. Your dog may catch flea & tick infestations by just walking around the lane and the warmth of your home provides them a perfect atmosphere for breeding. Uncontrolled flea and tick populations can cause your dog various diseases such as anemia, flea tapeworms, dermatitis, Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and many more. This is why it is vital that you provide your dog with a year-round flea & tick protection, even if your dog stays in the house all the time.

There are an abundance of flea & tick treatments available in the market such as topicals (spot-on), orals (tablets & chewables), collars, shampoos, and sprays. As far as dog flea & tick treatments are concerned, you can never run out of options.

This article provides an overview of some of the popular flea and tick treatments for dogs. Read through the article to know more.

1. Simparica Chewables

Simparica Chewable for dogs is an oral flea and tick chewable for 6 months and older dogs. It kills adult fleas and treats & prevents flea infestations. This monthly chewable provides protection against five different types of ticks, including Gulf coast ticks, Lone star ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and black-legged ticks. Simparica kills black-legged ticks and thus prevents Lyme disease.

Benefits of Simparica

  • Palatable flavored formula
  • Easy-to-administer monthly chewable treatment
  • Kills adult fleas and prevents future flea infestations
  • Quick-action formula that starts killing fleas in 3 hours
  • Kills five different types of ticks (American dog ticks, Gulf Coast ticks, Lone star ticks, brown dog ticks, and black-legged ticks)
  • Prevents Lyme disease
  • Safe for use in 6 months and older dogs

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2. Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus for dogs is the #1 vet-recommended flea & tick treatment for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs. This monthly topical treatment has been trusted by pet lovers across the globe for more than two decades.

This topical formula for dogs kills adult fleas. It actively eliminates flea eggs and larvae present in dog surroundings and keeps canines protected for a complete month. The treatment contains fipronil and s-methoprene as active ingredients, which collectively start working as soon as the application gets spread across the dog's body. The composition kills 100% fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours after administration.

Benefits of Frontline Plus

  • Convenient, and easy-to-use monthly treatment
  • Trusted by veterinarians and pet lovers
  • Kills adult fleas, flea eggs and larvae present in environment
  • Prevents future flea infestations
  • Kills ticks
  • Eliminates chewing lice
  • Treats and controls flea allergy dermatitis (FAD)
  • Recommended for use in 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs
  • Safe for use in pregnant, breeding, and lactating dogs

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3. Nexgard

Nexgard for dogs is a soft, beef-flavored chewable flea and tick treatment for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs. Composed with the active ingredient afoxolaner, the oral formula kills adult fleas and it is useful in the treatment and prevention of flea infestations.

Nexgard for dogs treats and controls a variety of tick infections, such as Black-legged ticks, Lone Star ticks, American Dog ticks, and Brown dog ticks. Due to its ability to kill Black-legged ticks, Nexgard for dogs is approved for the prevention of Lyme disease in dogs.

Benefits of Nexgard

  • Easy-to-administer monthly chewable
  • Palatable beef-flavored formula
  • Kills adult fleas and treats and prevents flea infestations
  • Eliminates a variety of ticks (Black-legged ticks, American Dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and Brown dog ticks)
  • Can be given with or without food
  • Starts working quick & begins killing fleas within four hours

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4. Seresto Collar

Seresto collar is a break-through innovation in the treatment of fleas and ticks. Made with a unique Polymer Matrix, Seresto Collar is undoubtedly the longest lasting flea and tick treatment for dogs offering protection for 8 consecutive months.

This odorless, non-greasy collar kills chewing lice as well as kills and repels fleas and ticks. It protects canines against different types of ticks, including Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks, and thus prevents your canines from catching a variety of tick-borne diseases. Seresto Collar works fast, and kills re-infesting fleas within 2 hours and re-infesting ticks within 6 hours. The collar kills fleas before they can lay eggs and thus controls flea populations in the dog's surroundings.

Benefits of Seresto Collar

  • Odorless, non-greasy collar
  • Kills and repels fleas and ticks
  • Made with distinctive polymer matrix
  • Provides protection against fleas & ticks for 8 months
  • Eliminates fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Protects against a variety of ticks (American dog ticks, Deer ticks, Lone Star ticks, and Brown dog ticks)
  • Kills existing fleas within 24 hours
  • Treats and controls sarcoptic mange

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5. Bravecto Chewable 

Bravecto Chewable for dogs is a convenient, fast, and reliable flea and tick treatment for dogs. Bravecto offers three times longer protection than regular monthly fleas and ticks treatments and lasts for 12 weeks.

A single dose of Bravecto Chewable kills adult fleas, treats and prevents flea infestations, treats and controls tick infestations including black-legged ticks, brown dog ticks, and American dog ticks for 12 weeks. Plus, the chewable formula treats, and controls lone star tick infestations for 8 weeks. Bravecto Chewable is recommended for use in 6 months and older puppies and dogs that weigh 4.4lbs or more.

Benefits of Bravecto

  • Palatable flavored chewable
  • Offers three times longer protection than regular monthly treatments
  • Kills adult fleas
  • Treats and prevents flea infestations for 3 months
  • Treats and controls tick infestations including American dog ticks, black-legged ticks, and brown dog ticks for 12 weeks
  • Treats and controls infections caused by lone star ticks for 8 weeks
  • Kills more than 90% of parasites within 24 hours

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In the End

Now that you are familiar with some of the popular flea and tick treatments for dogs, you should be able to choose the best protection for your canine love. The ideal way to move forward with selecting an appropriate treatment for your four-foot friend is by discussing all the treatment options with your veterinarian.

5 Popular Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

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5 Popular Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

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