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Endogard for Dogs

Rating: 4/5

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Endogard For Small Dogs/Puppies 5Kg (Green) - 11lbs

Pack Size
2 Tablets
4 Tablets

Endogard For Medium Dogs 10Kg (Yellow) - 22lbs

Pack Size
2 Tablets
4 Tablets

Endogard For Large Dogs 20Kg (44lbs)

Pack Size
2 Tablets
3 Tablets

Endogard For Extra Large Dogs 35Kg (Blue) - 77lbs

Pack Size
2 Tablets
4 Tablets
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Endogard Allwormer Treatment for Dogs

Endorgard is a powerful product for treating intestinal worms in dogs. The liver flavored tablet contains ovicidal and larvicidal properties that kill roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms in dogs. Moreover, the treatment also inhibits future infestations. Praziquantel and Oxibendazole are the two main ingredients in Endogard. The first ingredient treats and controls tapeworms, while the latter one treats other gastrointestinal worms in dogs. The treatment is clinically proven and completely safe for dogs.


  • Weigh your dog before starting the treatment.
  • The tablets can be administered directly into the mouth or mixed in food.
  • For 2 weeks and older puppies, the treatment needs to be administered at every 2 weeks until they reach 12 weeks of age.
  • Thereafter, treat them at an interval of every 3 months.
  • Nursing dogs can be treated 2 weeks after the birth of the litter and then every 2 weeks until weaning.


  • 1 tablet (green pack) – upto 11lbs (5kg) bodyweight
  • 1 tablet (orange pack) – 11 to 22lbs (10kg) bodyweight
  • 1 tablet (purple pack) – 22 to 77lbs (35kg) bodyweight

Key Benefits

  • Most recommended treatment for controlling and eliminating intestinal worms in dogs
  • Palatable tablets that are easy to administer
  • Highly effective against roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms
  • Single dose treatment that kills worms and their larvae
  • Best suited for 2 weeks and older puppies and dogs

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Praziquantel and Oxibendazole

I recommend this product

It's been only few weeks since I bought this treatment for my bud, Mike, and so far it has been working perfectly and without any side effects.

Worms Free

I highly recommend "Worm Free Naturally"

No more mess

No more mess of worms my dogs suffer now. i am giving them endgogard regularly to control worm infectitons.