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Eqvalan Paste

Eqvalan Paste Horses 6.42gm (1 Syringe)

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Eqvalan Paste for Horses

Eqvalan oral paste for horses is a broad-spectrum and efficacious wormer to treat internal parasites such as large strongyles, small strongyles, ascarids, large mouth stomach worms, pinworms, stomach bots, intestinal threadworms, hairworms, neck threadworms, etc. It is an easy to administer paste that treats various worms and protects horses from harmful infections as well as prevents further re-infestation. It consists of Ivermectin. The scientific formula of paste helps eliminate all the worms by attacking the working nerve cells of the parasites, which leads to paralysis and eventually kills them. It is safe to use in pregnant mares and breeding stallions, without any side effects.


  • Weigh your horse for the correct dosage before starting the treatment.
  • Ensure there’s no food in the horse’s mouth.
  • Position the syringe between the front and back teeth and place the paste at the base of the horse’s tongue.
  • Immediately elevate the head of the horse for a few seconds to ensure that the product is swallowed.
  • Re-treatment should be done according to the epidemiological situation, but not less than 30 days interval.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents worm infection in horses
  • Controls recurring infection, if used regularly
  • It is highly palatable and easy to use
  • Safe to use in pregnant mares and stallions


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Merial / Boehringer Ingelheim
Good product

GOOD used it before and will go with it for our other horses in the barn also


greatly helps in treating hairworms in our horse

no more worms

Gave it to our stallion, and less than 5 hours later it seems he pooped out all worms. Couldn’t be happier!