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Nuheart Generic Heartgard for Small Dogs upto 25lbs (Blue) (6 Tablet)

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Nuheart Generic Heartgard
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Nuheart for Dogs

Nuheart, the generic version of Heartgard, is a solid and powerful heartwormer for dogs. This meat flavored oral treatment helps in destroying heartworm larvae and aids in thorough monthly protection against heartworms. Besides, this cost-effective treatment is very safe for all dog breeds.

How It Works

Nuheart is made up of the key ingredient Ivermectin, which is also found in Heartgard. Ivermectin helps in dislodging the heartworm larvae, thereby preventing the heartworm disease from getting to your dog.


  • Administer one Nuheart tablet directly into the dog’s mouth.
  • Tablet can also be mixed with the dog’s food.
  • Administer one tablet every month for twelve months.

Key Benefits

  • Solid and powerful heartwormer
  • Meat flavored oral treatment
  • Destroys heartworm larvae
  • Aids in monthly heartworm protection
  • Cost-effective treatment
  • Safe for all dog breeds


  • Suitable for puppies and dogs over 6 weeks of age.
  • Wash your hands after handling the product.
  • Store product in a cool and dry place.
  • Meant for internal dog use only.

More Info

For heartworm only

For preventing heartworm, Nuheart is the best I feel.

Excellent and highly suggested

Excellent preventative. I highly suggest this.

So damn good

Really good heartworm preventative. Nuheart is generic but worth every penny.