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Panacur Oral Suspension for Dogs/Cats (100 Ml)

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Panacur Oral Suspension
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Panacur Oral Suspension for Dogs – Worm Control Treatment

Panacur Oral Suspension is an effective treatment against roundworms and other intestinal parasites. The broad spectrum anthelmintic is helpful in treating infected dogs and puppies with immature mature stages of nematodes of the gastrointestinal and respiratory tract. The oral suspension also acts against lungworm infections and prevents harmful worm infections. It treats various intestinal worms including roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. Gentle on dogs and puppies, the oral suspension is treats severe worm infections.

Panacur Oral suspension is safe to use for dogs and puppies from 2 weeks of age.


  • The liquid suspension can be administered by mixing it with feed, or orally directly after feeding.
  • For routine treatment of adult animals with minimal exposure to infection, it is advisable to dose 2 to 4 times per year.
  • More frequent treatment at 6 to 8 weekly intervals is advisable for dogs in kennels.
  • Repeat the treatment in case the natural re-infestation with parasitic worms occurs.

Practical dosage recommendations:

  • 4 to 8lbs - 4 ml
  • 8 to 17lbs - 8 ml
  • 17 to 35lbs - 16 ml
  • 35 to 52lbs - 24 ml
  • 52 to 70lbs - 32 ml
  • 70 to 141lbs - 64 ml

For dogs weighing over 141lbs, an extra 1ml is required for each additional 2lbs body-weight.

Key Benefits

  • Treats mixed worm infections
  • Control gastrointestinal worm infections
  • Eliminates worms including roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms
  • Also helpful in treating lungworms
  • Suitable to use on puppies and kittens from 2 weeks of age

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Good stuff

Good stuff pretty happy with the product

easy to administer

Oh this is really easy to use on my Bruno, I just mix it with his food and he yams it up... no health issues for him yet!


A very effective suspension, easy to administer too. Can see my dog recovering and happier.