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National Pet Wellness Month

  Sep 23, 2020

National Pet Wellness Month

Every pet parent wants their pet to lead a long and healthy life. To maintain your dog’s well-being, you must focus on their wellness. October is celebrated as pet wellness month and hence, here we have come up with a complete guide for your dog’s overall health. We have compiled a list of easy tips that will help you maintain your dog’s wellness.

Weight Check


It’s vital to keep a check on your pet’s weight as their health relies on their body weight and muscles. So, the first thing to do is ensure your doggo maintains his ideal bodyweight so he doesn’t have to suffer from any health issues.

Regular Exercise


Along with maintaining the weight, it’s imperative to take your furry pal out for walks or indulge in some fun activities. This will keep him occupied for a good part of the day and also keep him active.

Healthy Diet


Wellness starts with good diet, so always feed nutritional dog food to your furry companion. Avoid human foods as it may cause digestive upsets and it is better to opt for foods that are specially developed for dogs.

Dog Grooming


Dogs love to play in dirt and in the garden, which can get their fur and coat very dirty. Therefore, you need to ensure you groom and bathe your dog on a regular basis. It can be twice a week, or more frequently if it’s required.

Oral Health


Pet parents often neglect this step, which leads to infections and irritation. Therefore, don’t forget to take care of your pet’s oral health.

Vaccinate The Pet


Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. This will prevent him from succumbing to deadly diseases.

Joint Supplements


As the dog grows, his joints and muscles start to weaken; hence we recommend that you add dog joint supplements to his diet. It will provide the additional nutrition your pooch needs.

Every pet parent should follow these tips for their pet’s wellness, not just for this month, but it should be practiced on a regular basis. So, we hope you found these tips helpful! Don’t forget to share it with other pet parents as well.

National Pet Wellness Month

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National Pet Wellness Month

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