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Pet Survey Infographic 2020

  Nov 24, 2020

Pet Survey Infographic 2020

Having a pet around is one of the best feelings ever, and if you are blessed with more, well, you are just super lucky. And while we feel really amazing when we have pets around us but do office going people feel the same way as we pet parents do? Well, you will be really amazed to know the answer. There’s a pet survey that we’ve come up with and have crunched some numbers regarding office people and pets. You will be really amazed to know that a very small percentage of office people actually have pets at home. And what’s more staggering is that more than 50% of office people actually believe that they feel motivated if pets are around them. But that’s not just it, more people prefer being around dogs than cats and a very small chunk of people loathe being around pets, most of which could be due to obvious reasons. To learn more, check out the infographic.


Pet Survey Infographic 2020

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Pet Survey Infographic 2020

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