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Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste

Pyratape P Horse Worming Paste 28.5 gm (1 Syringe)

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Pyratape P for Horses

Pyratape P is a powerful and multi-spectrum anthelmintic for horses. The highly effective oral treatment treats adult infections with large and small redworms, ascarids, and pinworms as well as controls tapeworms found in gastrointestinal tract of horses, ponies, and foals. Pyratape P is safe to administer for horses and ponies of all ages, including suckling foals, pregnant mares, and studs. Pyratape P contains Pyrantel Embonate as its active ingredient, which is a strong anthelmintic. The potent ingredient disturbs the nerve cells of the worms, thereby paralyzing them. It eliminates various internal worms and protects horses from harmful worm infestation. The oral wormer helps to protect horses against harmful recurring worm infections.


  • Administer orally.
  • One syringe paste treats up to 600kgs bodyweight of horse.
  • Syringe comes with graduation for correct amount with each graduation sufficient to treat 100kgs bodyweight.
  • Set the ring on the syringe for the correct position and place it inside the horse’s mouth.
  • Deposit the paste under the tongue and allow the horse to swallow it.

Key Benefits

  • Controls infestation of internal parasites
  • Broad spectrum treatment for worms in horses
  • Treats all different types of intestinal worms
  • Very easy to administer
  • Effective against tapeworms
  • Safe for horses and ponies of all ages, including pregnant mares, stallions, along with sucking foals


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Pyrantel Embonate


It has been good to see that this product actually works on my horse and kills intestinal worms.

easy to dose

easy to dose our foal

Excellent wormer

Excellent wormer and my pony actually likes the flavor. At least he doesn't make awful faces when I give it to him unlike some other brands. :)


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