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SeaFlex Joint Function

SeaFlex Joint Function for Cats

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SeaFlex Joint Function 100gm

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SeaFlex Joint Function for Cats

SeaFlex Joint Supplement is a bio-marine nutritional supplement full of vital nutrients specially formulated for cats. It is an effective joint function supplement for cats that improves their joint health and keeps them active. SeaFlex is rich in essential anti-oxidants, marine carotenoids, and other nutrients which improves and maintains joint function along with skin and coat condition. Furthermore, it is a highly powerful natural supplement that slows down the aging process and improves the overall health of cats.


  • Provide 6 kibble pieces daily to cats weighing 4 – 6 kg or as per vet’s advice.
  • Administer orally or mix it in food.
  • Before giving to pregnant or breeding cats, consult a vet.

Key Benefits

  • Revolutionary product for joint health in cats
  • Easy to administer due to its palatable taste
  • Improves energy levels in senior and adult cats that shows the signs of aging
  • Strengthens bones and muscles in growing kittens
  • Valuable tonic for younger pets for their optimal health
  • Greatly enhances the luster or dry and dull coat


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Fresh chicken and Australian poultry meals, Fishmeal, Whole grains and rice, Soy flour, Shrimp, Honey, Kelp (for iodine) and Flax seed (for Omega 3 Fatty Acids)

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Very well formulated to keep my cats' joints healthy

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Best supplement for joints.

Best supplement for joints.


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