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Selehold (Generic Revolution) for Cats

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Selehold (Generic Revolution)

Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Puppy/Kittens Upto 5.5lbs (Pink) 15mg/0.25ml

Pack Size
3 Pack
6 Pack

Selehold (Generic Revolution) For Cats 5.5-16.5lbs (Blue) 45mg/0.75ml

Pack Size
3 Pack
6 Pack
12 Pack
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Selehold Spot-on Solution for Cats

Selehold is a spot-on treatment for cats, which offers protection against internal and surface parasites. It is a monthly solution that can be applied to cats 6 weeks of age and above. It terminates the surface parasites like fleas and ticks and also ends their life-cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae. A single dose of this monthly solution will protect your feline from heartworm disease and cure infections of roundworms and hookworms.

How it works

Selemactin ingredient in Selehold spreads on the skin surface, killing all the external parasites like fleas, ticks, larvae, ear mites, and more. It attacks the nervous system of such parasites that eventually lead to death. While on the other hand, it also gets absorbed in the feline skin and disperses in the bloodstream. The ingredient invades the nervous system of the parasites leading to paralysis or death.


  • Choose a pack as per the cat weight
  • Cut open the package, holding it in an upright position.
  • Part your cat's fur at a spot between the shoulder blades and the base of the skull
  • Empty the entire applicator on a particular spot


Cat’s Weight

Selamectin Qty.

Number of Doses Per Month

≤5.5lbs (≤2.5kg)



5.6-16.5lbs (2.6 - 7.5kg)



Key Benefits

  • Protects against external and internal parasite
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Safe for pregnant, breeding, and lactating female cats
  • Kills flea eggs, larvae, and ticks
  • Easy to apply spot-on treatment
  • Kills biting lice, ear mites
  • Aids in the infections caused by roundworms and hookworms


  • It should not be applied more than once in a month
  • Do not apply directly to cat’s ear for ear mites protection
  • Apply on the skin and not on the fur
  • Avoid using on wet coat
  • Do use on cats under 6 weeks of age
  • It should be applied on the skin and should not be fed orally
  • Don't allow children or pets to touch the treated area until the liquid is completely dry

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