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Reviews for Selehold (Generic Revolution) for Dog Supplies
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Selehold (Generic Revolution) - Dog Supplies

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Selehold Spot on Solution for Dogs

Selehold is an easy to apply spot-on treatment for dogs that offers a multi-spectrum solution against external and internal parasites. It kills existing fleas and ticks and prevents re-infestation. It is also useful in terminating ear mites, biting lice and sarcoptic mange. Moreover, it protects dogs from heartworm diseases as well as aids in the infection caused by intestinal hookworms and adult roundworms.

For extended benefits apply the treatment once every month on 6 weeks and older puppies/dogs. It is safe for breeding and lactating female dogs.

How it works?

The active ingredient selamectin disperses on the dog’s outer skin layers and at the same time gets absorbed into the skin and leads to the bloodstream. It affects the nervous system of external and internal parasites that eventually lead to paralysis or death.