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Seresto Dog Collar - Dog Supplies

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Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Seresto collar for dogs is an amazing flea and tick collar that not only repel fleas and ticks but also eliminate them. The collar is a long-lasting treatment that prevents future infestations from fleas and ticks for 8 and 4 months respectively. The collar also keeps your dog away from flea and tick-borne diseases by repelling and restraining the parasites from biting your canine.

The flea and tick killer comes with a safety release mechanism that protects your dog from getting choked or entangled with the collar. In such situations, the collar widens up when the dog pulls hard thus, releasing him/her. And in the case of smaller dogs, there is a two-step safety mechanism with a predetermined breaking point that leads to the breakage of the collar when your dog pulls harder.

The amazing collar works by emitting its active ingredients Imidacloprid and Flumethrin in controlled low doses through the innovative polymer matrix of the collar. This smart release mechanism covers the entire body of the dog and ensures long-lasting efficacy.

The collar also terminates chewing lice and aids in controlling sarcoptic mange in dogs. Also, the collar is highly safe to be used on puppies over the age of 7 weeks.


Perfect fitting dog collars

Fits my dog perfectly. And provides perfect protection for many months.


Non greasy collar

Non-greasy and really effective in curbing ticks and fleas.


Seresto impressed me

The first time I got this, it impressed me. Great collar.


Repels all parasites

All parasites are repelled when you use Seresto. Great collar.


Pretty much impressed

Was pretty much impressed with this dog collar.


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