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Things to consider before outing with your Pet

  Dec 08, 2021

Things to consider before outing with your Pet


Are you planning a vacation but worried about your pet and the places he likes to be on vacation with you?


“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”


If you want to take your pet on a trip and yourself on the adventure then, nobody can stop you! Not even the airlines. 

Just that you need to be prepared for few things ahead of time before hopping on to an amazing holiday with your notorious pet! Because we know it is always a happy holiday with your pet.


1. Prepare in advance

You need to prepare your dog for smaller journeys or day-outs first. It is a slow and steady process but not impossible. This process will help you to understand your dogs at their best in the travel mode. And, if you are through with enough experience with your dog, then it's time to go places with him.

But before you leave, make sure you pack all your dog's essentials, including food, bedding, and medicines. Also, don't forget to keep anxiety relievers such as  Homeopet Travel Anxiety Relief, in-case your pets feels motion sickness or any travel-induced anxiety on the way.

Homeopet Travel Anxiety Relief


2. Plan accommodation well

Not, every premise is pet-friendly. You need to be sure of all the relevant questions that need to be answered beforehand. Such as,


  • Are there any additional pet charges?
  • Do they allow different kinds of pets and their breeds?
  • Are pets allowed to stay in the room on their own?
  • Will there be any extra cleaning charges for cleaning the room?


Once you have finalized your stay be sure you make it feel like home to your pet and not just random accommodation.


3. Always accommodate your pet with an ID

Get a chip implanted and keep yourself updated, or you can also keep your phone numbers updated with a tag on the collar, just to be on the safer side.


4. Choose the best for them

It’s only you who knows your pet well, so take a decision wisely for the mode of travel your pet would be comfortable in; a road trip or air travel?

To keep you updated, as per the airline data, they receive almost 20-40 passengers with pets on daily average.


5. Do not give sedatives

This is the major mistake people make thinking that sedatives will help my pet for a smooth and better journey. But the answer is NO. It affects your pet’s health. And it is advised to give a sedative only if your vet has prescribed it.


6. Be sure of your dog

Only you know how well your dog is trained and prepared for the trip from past experiences. Be sure that he follows all your well-trained commands in all circumstances.


Add-ons to the Pro tip list:


  • Manage the time for the toilet on the trip.
  • Plan a little playtime within your trip.
  • Prefer not to travel on the peak holidays.
  • Carry a photo of yourself with your dog in case of any emergencies or separation.
  • Try taking direct flights to avoid more layovers in the middle for your dogs.
  • Once you checked into the airline procedure, take your dog for a walk after checking in.
  • You don’t need to pack a big bag for them. Except for few essentials- Ample of food items, Supplements, Toys, Waste disposable bags, Brush, medication, and its cozy bed & blanket.



Keep your pets safe and out of harm’s way, and enjoy a fun-filled Vacation trip.

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Things to consider before outing with your Pet

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Things to consider before outing with your Pet

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