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Swimmers solution

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Swimmers solution 30ml

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Swimmer’s Solution for Dogs and Cats

Swimmer’s Solution is a gentle and effective formula designed for pets such as dogs and cats. This harmless acidifier helps in keeping the pet’s ears clean and free from any infections. It prevents infections in the ear canals that are caused by bacteria and fungi. Moreover, the dry properties present in the solution assists in removing the excess moisture and at the same time, controls bacterial growth. Swimmer’s Solution also prevents aural diseases by keeping the pet’s ears odor-free, dry, and clean at all times. Lastly, this solution is safe to use on all dog and cat breeds including puppies and kittens.


  • Shake the solution thoroughly before using.
  • Displace the cap and apply the solution in the ear canals.
  • For further guidance, refer to the product label.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle, effective, and harmless acidifier
  • Keeps pet’s ears clean
  • Prevents any kinds of ear infections
  • Removes excess moisture
  • Controls bacterial growth
  • Safe to use on all breeds of cats and dogs


More Info


Glacial acetic acid and Iso propyl alcohol

Kyron Labs
Best for our dog.

I am on the second bottle, using it for 1.5 months and wanted update my experience. It is the ear drops for our dog.

Safe to use

This is the harmless solution as it does not create any itchiness in my pet's ears.

Excellent product

Excellent product. I was hesitant a little bit to use this but after applying was satisfied with the results.


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