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Cazitel Flavoured Allwormer For Large Dogs 35Kg (Blue) - 77lbs (2 Tablets)

Rate: 4/5
Cazitel Flavoured Allwormer
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Cazitel Flavored Allwormer for Dogs

Cazitel Allwomer tablets for dogs are an effective multi-wormer that eliminates most common worm infections in dogs. The oral formula is specially designed for dogs that treats commonly found intestinal worms including roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms. It also aids in controlling the shedding of giardia oocysts. Cazitel allwormer tablets for dogs contain Praziquantel, Pyrantel Embonate and Febantel as its main ingredients. All these active ingredients work together in eliminating gastrointestinal worms and also helps in its thorough prevention for several weeks.


  • Weigh your dog before administrating the dosage.
  • Buy the pack according to the bodyweight of your pet.
  • There is no need for starvation before or after giving the tablet to the dog
  • Administer tablets directly into the mouth of your pet or mix it with their food.
  • Do not fast your dog before administrating Cazitel Allwormer tablet.
  • Dosage for Small and Medium Dogs:
  • 3 - 5.5 lbs - ¼ tab
  • 5.5 – 11 lbs - ½ tab
  • 11  – 22 lbs - 1 tab
  • Over 22 lbs - 1 tablet for every 22 lbs bodyweight. Round off doses to the nearest ½ tablet.
  • Dosage for Large Dogs:
  • 44 – 77 lbs - 1 tab
  • 77 - 114 lbs - 1½ tabs
  • 114 – 154 lbs - 2 tabs
  • 154 – 191 lbs - 2½ tabs
  • Above 191 lbs – 3 tabs

Key Benefits

  • Single treatment for multiple worm infection
  • Highly palatable in taste
  • Kills common types of intestinal worms
  • Oral deworming treatment specially designed for dogs

More Info


Praziquantel, Pyrantel Embonate, Febantel

Effective Allwormer

A great generic product that does the job. My puppy has had this product just before few weeks. the allwormers works great on him

Good product

Good product, it has lower the incidences of worm infections, due to regular treatment.

Great stuff!!

Just a note to say thanx! We thought we were going to have to put down our senior dog!