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How To Effectively Clean Your Dog Ears?

  Oct 14, 2020

How To Effectively Clean Your Dog Ears?

Grooming is such an integral part of taking good care of your four-legged buddy, and this includes cleaning their ears as well. You may tend to overlook it, but it is imperative that pet parents clean their canine’s ears every once in a while. If you’re not sure about how to effectively clean your dog’s ears, fret not, because we’re about to take you through a step-by-step guide on how to clean your buddy’s ears.

Things You Will Need To Clean Your Dog’s Ears

The first step towards cleaning your dog’s ears is to get all the necessary tools ready. The things you will be required are as follows:

  • Ear Cleaner: Make sure you pick a suitable ear cleaner for your buddy. There are so many excellent ear cleaners out there that you are spoilt for choices. One of the best ear cleaners to opt for would be Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser. It is widely used by pet parents, and you can get it at a discounted rate only on OurPetWarehouse.
  • Cotton Balls: You will need a few cotton balls when you clean the ears. The cotton balls will help to get rid of the excess wax and debris that is present inside the ear canals.
  • Q-Tips: If you can use q-tips well, then you can opt for it instead of cotton balls. They both perform the same task but if you’re cleaning your buddy’s ears for the first time then we recommend using cotton balls only.

How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears Effectively?

Now that you know what you will be needing to clean your buddy’s ears, it is time to get into action. The below steps will aid you in effectively cleaning your canine’s ears.

#1. Make Your Dog Comfortable

First things first, it is important to make your dog feel comfortable. Talk to your buddy in a calm voice and call him towards you. Trying petting him with your bare hands and then massage the ears gently.

#2. Standing Upright

Once your dog seems to be comfortable, make sure he is standing in an upright position. To effectively clean their ears, it is important that your dog is standing. This will make the task at hand a lot easier.

#3. Wrap Your Hands Around

After step one and step two, it is time to wrap your hands around your buddy. Wrap your left hand around his head and neck and the right hand over his shoulders. Now with your fingertips (left hand), push the flap of the ears back so that the inner ear can be exposed. If your dog shakes, make him lie down on their side. Do this gently.

#4. Grab The Ear Solution

Now the time is right to get hold of the ear solution and squeeze its contents into the ears. Start off with the left ear. Apply the solution into the ear canal and after doing so, massage the ear lobes so that the solution can seep into the ears. You dog might wiggle and shake his head, so allow him to do so.

#5. Cotton Balls

After a minute or so, get the cotton balls out and hold it in your hand. Then take it close to the ear and do a full circle swing with it. You will notice a lot of dirt and debris being attached to the cotton ball. Throw it away and use another one and repeat. Three swirls should` be enough. Once done, make sure you follow the same process for the other ear as well.

#6. Q-Tips If Necessary

If you know how to use q-tips then you can do so instead of the cotton balls. Make sure you are extremely careful while you take out the excess wax and debris from the ears while using q-tips.

#7. Repeat Once In A While

To keep your pal’s ears clean and free from ear infections, it is important to clean their ears every once in a while. It could be once in 14 days or once in 7 days. Whatever it may be, make sure you are cleaning your buddy’s ears frequently.

It is so very essential to clean the ears of your buddy and that too the correct way. We hope this blog will help you a great deal. Take care of your buddy, and keep them safe from infections and diseases.

How To Effectively Clean Your Dog Ears?

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How To Effectively Clean Your Dog Ears?

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