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Traits that Make You a Good Pet Parent

  Apr 14, 2023

Traits that Make You a Good Pet Parent

Pet parents are one of the most commendable people on this planet, because as adorable as pets are, they need a lot of care. Pet parents are ready to do all they need to make sure that their pet is living a happy life; buying them treats and toys, and being loving and affectionate with them. But, being a responsible pet parent goes beyond simply showing affection, it requires us to make some important commitments to keep our furry buddies happy and healthy.

Whether you are a first-time pet parent or an experienced one, at some point you might have questioned whether you’re doing well at looking after your pet. Caring for a pet can be overwhelming for unprepared pet parents so, to help you we have taken notes from various pet experts and compiled the following list, which will talk about the responsibilities of a good pet parent.

Qualities/Responsibilities of a Good Pet Parent

So, what does it mean to be a good pet parent? Here are certain responsibilities you need to fulfill so that your pet can live a content life.

  • Ensure to fulfill your pet’s basic needs like quality food, comfortable bedding, protectionfrom stress, injury and illness
  • Make sure they feel comfortable around you to express their natural behavior
  • Maintain their good health
  • Take them for regular exercise
  • Help them with their regular vaccines, parasitic preventives, and regular health checks
  • Maintain their hygiene, groom regularly and ensure dental checks
  • Be sure that you pick up after your pet to avoid the spreading of germs
  • Train your pet and ensure they are coping well while socializing
  • Provide mental stimulation and reward with positive reinforcements
  • Maintain their social behavior
  • Remember to microchip your pet and keep the information updated

Things to Know About the Responsibility of a Pet

The responsibilities of a pet parent are endless, and this starts even before you bring a furry member into your home. There are many things that need consideration and a lot of serious thinking to do before bringing home the furry bundle of joy. Here are a few things we’ve discovered that pet parents need to be aware of:

1. Pets Need Commitment

Adopting a pet requires serious consideration and thought; it should never be an impulsive act. They will take up space in your heart along with your house and your daily schedule and knowing this will help you make the right decision. Pets need a lot of care; they are like babies who never grow up. So, whatever responsibilities you have as a new pet parent, it is going to be the same way for a long time.

2. Evaluate your Lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle now and the changes you will have to go through once you have a pet in your home. You will be spending more time with your pet, which will have an impact on your daily life. You should have backups- family members or trusted pet sitters lined up so you can leave your pet with them if you need to go somewhere for a long time.

The climate of your area, the energy levels of your pet, and their trainability and temperament are important factors to consider before adopting a pet. Everything holds importance as it will not only affect you and those around you but it is also a big change for your pet.

3. Feed them Properly

“You are what you eat”, is as true for dogs as it is for us. A proper, healthy, and balanced meal is essential for proper growth and living a healthy life. With the best food that contains all the necessary nutrients and supplements for the ones that are scarcely found in food, your pet will live a long, happy, and content life with you. Considerations while choosing the right meal option, is to keep in mind their allergies, age, weight, and activity levels. If you are unsure about what is best for your furry baby, consult your veterinarian.

4. Keep them Safe

Your pet relies on you for safety. This means taking extra care of them inside and outside of your house. Here are some tips:

  • Train them to not run away from you once you’re outside
  • Pet-proofing your house so they don’t get hurt
  • Put in place some additional security measures to prevent your pet from getting lost in case they run away
  • Safely lock your medications and other essentials which can be potentially harmful to your pet

5. Create Well-established Boundaries

Everyone has a right to their privacy. Both you and your pet should respect personal space, time, and needs of each other. In any relationship, especially a pet and their parent, there is a need for boundaries and understanding. You can establish one for your pets as they need time and training to know what not to do. This can be taught using positive reinforcements and it is best to start when they are young.

6. Give Plenty of Love

Though, it goes unsaid, give them lots of love. Each pet has its own love language, which you will slowly learn, once you bond with your pet. Pets have endless love to give and are always eager to give you lots of hugs and kisses; in return, we should make sure that we honor their love and return it tenfold.

Common mistakes to avoid as a pet parent

Now that we know what a responsible pet parent has to do, let’s also take a look at the things a good paw-rent should avoid doing.

  • Getting a pet without considering the responsibilities that will come along with them
  • Not properly training your pet or using punishments rather than rewards
  • Being inconsistent with training, exercising, or eating habits
  • Not changing their diet with age, weight, or exercise level
  • Leaving them alone without supervision for long hours
  • Not taking them out for socializing with other pets and humans
  • Not pet-proofing your house to keep them safe and to accommodate their necessities
  • Not taking them for their regular vet checks
  • Thinking you know all and stop learning more


Pet parenting is a long-term commitment, but it is always worth it! Remember to adopt a pet only if you are ready, as the pet relies on you. Don’t stop learning. Add something new every day to your pet parenting skill and with enough patience, your pet will be one of the happiest pets in the world.

After all, a happy pet leads to a happy life

Traits that Make You a Good Pet Parent

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Traits that Make You a Good Pet Parent

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