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Lopis Basics Worm Away Deworming Capsules for Dogs (12 Capsule)

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Lopis Basics Worm Away Deworming Capsules
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Lopis Basics Worm Away Deworming Capsules actively remove roundworms in dogs. This rapid-action anthelmintic treatment comprises of piperazine citrate which paralyzes and eliminates worms from the dog’s system, and prevents any further damage caused by worms.

These deworming capsules are safe solution is to keep dogs healthy and protected, as well as preventing severe health issues caused by worm infestations. Puppies aging 3 weeks and above and all breed dogs can be treated with this dewormer.


  • Weighing your dog before the treatment is necessary
  • For every 2.2 lbs (1 kg) of body mass, use half a capsule
  • Open each capsule by pulling and emptying the contents onto the dog’s food
  • Make sure that the full dose is taken by the dog, for this, mix the dose well with half of dog’s normal meal
  • Once the dog has finished the dosed food, offer the rest half of its normal meal
  • After 10 days repeat the dose, and then after every 3 months to keep dogs roundworm-free.
  • Puppies must be de-wormed every 2 weeks from the age of 3 weeks until 12 weeks and then after at regular intervals of 3-6 months
  • For appropriate dosing, refer to the below dosage table:

Dog Weight


1.1 to 2.2 lbs

Half a capsule


Five capsules

4.4 lbs

One capsule

44 lbs

Ten capsules

8.8 lbs

Two capsules

13.2 lbs

Three capsules

17.6 lbs

Four capsules

Key Benefits

  • Efficient deworming treatment for dogs
  • Treats and prevents intestinal infections and controls infestations
  • Contains a super-active ingredient, piperazine citrate
  • Effective in eliminating roundworms from dogs body
  • Capsules are easy-to-dose
  • Maintains healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Safe and reliable for dogs and puppies of all breeds


  • Washing hands after using the product is necessary
  • Should be kept away from children and other pets
  • Should be stored in a cool and dry place

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Piperazine Citrate

Good product

I am really happy with this dewormer. It saved me a visit to the vet.