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Skin and Itch Relief For Dogs/Cats (15 Ml)

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Skin and Itch Relief
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HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief for Dogs and Cats

HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief is a safe and natural remedy that provides relief from insect bites, itching, and scratching due to skin allergies and pollutants in the air. This product detoxifies the pet’s body and improves their skin and coat. The all natural formula is highly beneficial for occurrence of skin conditions such as hot and red spots, dry and flaky skin, licking, and gnawing. HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief is an ideal product for treating any kind of allergic reaction.


  • The liquid can be administered directly into the mouth of the pet.
  • If your pet is a fussy eater, mix it in their food.
  • Initially, administer 3 doses daily and once the response is seen, reduce it to 2 doses and eventually once a day.
  • Stop using the treatment when the symptoms are no longer observed.
  • If the pet is sensitive to the odor of alcohol preservative, wait for 10-20 minutes so that the odor can evaporate from the food or water.
  • For instant relief, the solution can also be sprayed in the air around the pet.

Key Benefits

  • Very beneficial for dogs and cats having skin allergies
  • Relieves scratching, itching, and gnawing
  • Treats red spots and dry and flaky skin
  • Provides complete relief from insect bites and air pollutants
  • Supports skin and coat growth in pets

More Info


Graphites (Black Lead), Pulex Irritans (Common Flea), Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Oak), Staphysagria (Stavesacre), Sulphur, and Urtica Urens (Stinging Nettle)

no more itches

this has relieved our dog from itching problem

skin relief

have seen that our dog's skin health has improved considerably after started using this

not going to change

not going to change this product for any other. it is the best when it comes to treating itchy skin in my dog