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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Common Signs and Symptoms

  Nov 08, 2022

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Common Signs and Symptoms

November is celebrated as national pet cancer awareness month. In the USA cancer has been reported as the number one leading cause of death in pets. As per stats one in five cats and one in four dogs have cancer in the USA. This understanding cancer month is more crucial now than ever.

This is the best time for pet parents to educate themselves on the topic and also spread awareness on pet cancer. There are many types of cancer in pets with difference symptoms and treatment. The blog information below takes you through common sign and symptoms of cancer, it will help you to identify the problem and treat your pet early before it gets severe or incurable.

Common Sign and Symptoms of Cancers in Dogs and Cats

Symptoms of Cancer may vary based on their type; however some common signs will tell you that something is not normal. If you find any of the sign and symptoms mentioned below, do consult a veterinary as soon as possible

1. Lumps and Bumps Underneath your Dog’s Skin

Be observant when you run your hand on your pet’s body, especially if your pet has more fur. If you find a lump or bump on its body get them diagnosed as it can turn out to an early sign of cancer. Lumps can occur on any part of the pet’s body, even in the region which you may often fail to neglect such as between toes.

Note that not all lumps are cancerous so if you found any, do not panic, take your pet to veterinary and get it tested.

2. Non-healing Wounds

Cancer in dog’s affect immunity system, so if you have notice your pet’s wounds not healing or taking too long to heal it is sign to be alert. Non-healing sores signals to weaken immunity system that often is the system of any cancer.

3. Difficult in Swallowing

Difficulty in chewing and swallowing are the possible signs of throat and mouth cancer in dogs and cats. The signs could be your pet eating less or completely skipping its meal.

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4. Abnormal Odor

Excessive odor pet majorly from the region of mouth and ears are also the sign of cancer. When you notice such smell from your pet, it’s time when you book your appointment with your vet.

5. Evidence of Pain

If your pet saws sign of discomfort, uneasiness and pain be alert about the issue. Pain in joints and other region is a major symptom in some cancers such as joint cancer. If you are noticing your pet in pain, get it diagnosed for arthritis a common disease seen in older dogs. There are ways and treatment to aid arthritis and such diseases. Along with the treatments it is crucial to shower your pet with extra love and comfort.

6. Lower Energy Levels

Your dog’s energy level tells a lot about their health. If your pet is very low on energy for a long time even when its young or adult, it time you get it checked. Increasing lethargies and tiredness in older pets can be the signs of cancer and heart diseases, many of such diseases can be treated if diagnosed early.

7. Rapid Weight Loss

Sudden drop of your pet’s body weight depicts something’s wrong with your pet’s. There can be multiple reasons behind the weight loss of pet’s including dental pain, digestive issue and more. On the other hand the reason behind this issue is more severe like growing tumor. The best way to find out is though diagnosis.


Cancer is very sensitive issue which caused emotional breakthrough of pet as well as their pet parent. Although we cannot predict the circumstances, they best thing to do is maintain healthy lifestyle of pets including nutritious food and healthy practices. Below are the lists of few healthy practices for your pet that help them living a healthy life and aid diseases.

1. Well Balanced Diet

Pet food should comprise a blend of all the nutrition like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. So check pack label thoroughly while purchasing a food product and make sure it contain right percentage of animal protein, fatty acids, zinc, calcium and more.

2. Avoid Carcinogens

Keep your pet away from toxic substances like Cigarette. Carcinogens substance present in cigarette that have potential to produce cancer. Passive smoke can affect their lungs as well as on the skin and can damage.

3. Routine Check-up

Most essential when it comes to your pet's health. Visit your vet on regular intervals to know about your pals health and wellness. If your pets are growing old make sure to visit your vet more often than usual.

4. Neutered and Spay

Getting your pet neutered or spay at a right way will reduce or eliminate the chance of developing mammary and testicular tumors.

Bottom Line

We encourage to share awareness about pet cancer to every pet parents you know, encourage them to indulge in healthy practices. Help people acknowledge the early sign of symptoms; early treatments avoid the risk of a severe condition or death.

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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Common Signs and Symptoms

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National Pet Cancer Awareness Month: Common Signs and Symptoms

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