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Pet Dent Finger Brush

Pet Dent Finger Brush for Dogs/Cats (1 Piece)

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Pet Dent Finger Brush for Pets

Pet Dent Finger Brush is a premium quality toothbrush for cats and dogs. It fits perfectly in the finger and has soft bristles that clean the pet’s teeth and gums effectively. This easy to use brushing aide helps eliminate all dental problems like foul breath, gingivitis, and oral infections. The finger adjusting design of this brush makes a thorough cleaning of mouth very easy. Furthermore, this product is safe to use on kittens and puppies as well as senior dogs and cats.


  • Finger brush easily fits into the index finger of a human hand.
  • Before brushing your pet’s teeth, fit the brush properly on your finger.
  • Apply some pet paste on the bristles and gently brush the teeth in a circular motion.
  • Make sure you do it gently to avoid nicks and cuts in gums.
  • Follow this routine daily to maintain good oral hygiene of the pet.

Key Benefits

  • Removes food debris, tartar, and plaque 
  • Improves foul breath
  • Easy to use on pet’s teeth
  • Has gentle bristles
  • Safe for use in puppies and kittens


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High quality plastic

Kyron Labs

affordable, flexible and easy to use

Flexible use

quite flexible to use and reaches all parts of the mouth easily.

Good brush

Quality pet brush for regular cleaning of pet's teeth.