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Its National Dog Photography Day 2020 - Here's How You Can Take Perfect Photos of Your Pet

  Jul 14, 2020

Its National Dog Photography Day 2020 - Here's How You Can Take Perfect Photos of Your Pet

These days, quirky and funny pictures of dogs and cats are trending on the internet. Pet parents want their pet to have a style statement, and let’s be honest, your pet can only leave an impression if the picture is taken at a perfect angle. You must have seen an abundance of super adorable dog pictures on the internet; all these pictures take a lot of patience to get that picture-perfect shot! July 26th is celebrated as National Dog Photography Day and we’re here to help you get that adorable snap of your pet! So, grab your camera and let’s get started!

1) Have Patience

The first tip of dealing with a pet is to keep calm and be patient. Dogs don’t have the idea of time thus you need to take things slow. If you keep rushing for a good shot, chances are you won’t be happy with the outcome. Therefore, whenever you’re trying to take good pictures of your furry buddy, ensure you have some time on your hand.

2) Put Your Pet at Ease

Your pet should be comfortable when you’re taking his picture. If there’s something that’s irritating him, he certainly won’t cooperate. So, when your dog is at his happiest, that’s when you’ll get that perfect picture that will melt everyone’s heart on the internet.

3) Enticing Treats

The easiest way to coax your pet into sitting still and posing is by giving him his favorite treats! So, if your furry buddy is overexcited and isn’t letting you take a proper photo, give him his favourite pet supply treat and then command him to sit. Also, taking candid pictures works too when you’re trying to capture your furry pal’s charm.

4) Use Natural Light

When it comes to taking pictures, natural light is your best friend. So, choose the room in your house with plenty of natural sunlight. This enhances your pet’s looks and makes him look like a dashing doggo he is!

5) Keep The Surrounding Simple

For your dog’s features to reflect in the photo, the background should be minimalistic. Too many props can make the picture look messy and divert your dog’s attention to it. Therefore, it’s essential to have a simple background so all focus is on your dog only.

6) Avoid Using Flash

When you’re using natural light, using flash isn’t required. Moreover, the flashlight might scare off your pet so it’s better to not use it. This way, you can rest assured about getting your ideal pictures of your dog.

Though taking pictures of pets to seem easy, you might realize that it takes a lot of persistence and patience. So much of effort and time goes behind that one flawless picture you see on the internet. But, at the end, it’s all worth it because you get some memorable pictures out of it and it also enhances your bond with your pet!
So, this national Dog Photography day, make sure that your doggo stands out from the rest! Also, don’t forget to share some adorable pictures with us on your social media. Lastly, don’t forget to pay heed to your pet’s health too and administer flea and tick preventatives all year round.

Its National Dog Photography Day 2020 - Here's How You Can Take Perfect Photos of Your Pet

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Its National Dog Photography Day 2020 - Here's How You Can Take Perfect Photos of Your Pet

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