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HP Healing Cream For Dogs/Cats 14 gm (1 Pack)

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HP Healing Cream
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HP Healing Cream for Dogs and Cats

HP Healing Cream is a highly effective anti-infective ointment for dogs and cats. This first aid topical cream aids in treating skin issues and wounds in pets. Made with natural ingredients, this cream provides relief and heals wounds, skin cuts, bites, swellings, and burns. Moreover, it also cures infectious wounds and eases swelling, pain, and shock caused due to the injury. The homeopathic remedy treats wounds, burns, deep routed scars, ulcers, surgical wounds, and many other external injuries. This highly beneficial cream provides quick healing and prevents further skin infections.


  • Clean the wound thoroughly before applying the cream.
  • Apply it directly onto the affected area so it covers the entire wound, ulcer, or lesion.
  • For external punctured or incised surgical wounds, apply it around the surface.
  • Initially, apply the cream 1 to 3 times daily.
  • Once the response is noticeable, reduce or stop the application.
  • Reapply the cream is the symptoms reappear.

Key Benefits

  • Natural homeopathic remedy for treating wounds, cuts, burns, and other skin issues
  • It has a quick healing formula and is easy to apply
  • Highly effective in treating minor as well as major external wounds
  • The cream helps the cells to regenerate without any delay thus helps in swift healing of wounds
  • The treatment is safe to use along with other treatments

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Monkshood, Leopards Bane, Iodide of Arsenic, Deadly Nightshade, Bruisewort, Wild Hops, Pot Marigold, German Chamomile, Purple Cone-Flower, Black Sampson, Black Pencil Lead, Witch Hazel , Calcium Sulphide, St. John's Wort, Bushmaster Snake, Marsh Tea, Yarrow, Mercury, Pokeweed, Garden Rue, Poison Oak, Pure Flint, Chickweed, Subliminated Sulphur, Comfrey, and Arbor Vitae

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