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Program Flavor Tabs

Program Flavor Tabs for Dogs

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Program Flavor Tabs Small Dogs 5.2 - 14.7 lbs (Red)

Pack Size
6 Tablet
12 Tablet

Program Flavor Tabs Medium Dogs 14.8 - 44lbs (Brown)

Pack Size
6 Tablet
12 Tablet

Program Flavor Tabs Large Dogs 44.1 - 88 lbs (Grey)

Pack Size
6 Tablet
12 Tablet
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Program Flavor Tabs – Flea Preventative for Dogs

Program Flavor Tabs is a uniquely formulated oral treatment that controls fleas on dogs. To protect the dog from such harmful parasites, monthly administration of the treatment is required. Program Flavor Tabs prevents flea infestation by breaking the flea life-cycle and stopping flea growth altogether. Moreover, the treatment acts on all life stages of fleas. The active ingredient Lufenuron acts as an insecticide and stops the development of flea eggs and larvae. Hence, it protects dogs from flea infestation and the diseases caused by these parasites.

Novartis is now a part of Elanco, so the manufacturer’s name on the product package might vary.


  • Choose the appropriate pack according to your dog’s weight.
  • You can mix the tablet with the food or give it orally into the mouth.
  • Ensure that your dog eats the entire dose.
  • Repeat the process every month for best results.

Key Benefits

  • Highly effective flea preventative
  • Protects the dog from fleas and prevents re infestation
  • Eliminates flea eggs and larvae by breaking the flea lifecycle
  • Easy administration


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Novartis / Elanco
Program to love

Got to love Program flavored tablets. Its brilliant.

Perfect tabs for perfect protection

Perfect parasite protection with Program. Thanks.

Breaks flea lifecycle

Awesome product. Breaks the lifecycle of fleas in quick time.


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